Thursday, October 24, 2013

I thought this was worth passing on.

As I have previously stated here, there and everywhere, I am QUITE unimpressed with the great majority of people who are 'graduates' of institutes of higher learning.  Except for people who have jobs where their schooling is actually necessary for their profession, I'm never impressed.  I get that doctors, engineers, DENTISTS [a simple nod to BOW] needing their college degrees, and more to do the jobs.

But there is ZERO reason for most people to have a degree to do the jobs they do.  Beyond my loathing of the average college grad / pompous boobs for their own lives.  I can never quite figure out just who it is, that is supposed to build the buildings, that will house those corner offices, that every boy and girl in America, has been told that they 'deserve', BY their parents IN the American pompous boobery?

I can't quite come to grips with a country where the majority of people LOOK DOWN on the jobs that dad, grand dad and all the males in their families once did!  WhoTF are these people to ever think that dad's welding / mechanic /. plumber / carpenter job is somehow, beneath them?  I know some of these ass hats from my own life, and TRUST me when I say, they had NOOOOOO problem taking the money from those 'menial, little people' jobs when they were begging for $$$ to go on a date, or for their first car or to go to the colleges that elevated them into the lofty, nose in the air, boobery status.

I'm ranting along here, so I can post a story on The Blaze this AM, about Mike Rowe, of 'Dirty Jobs' fame.  He is a proponent of working with your hands, as we've seen on DJ, he's done some crazy, dirty work, while showing real people, doing real jobs.

Much like we've talked about in here and via e-mail, Rowe is driven crazy by the whole sense of entitlement on one hand, balanced by 6 figure student loans and NO jobs for the students who spent that money.  Then again, there are welding and mechanics jobs in MT, ND, SD in the oil / gas fields which pay close to $80K per year.

But there's no corner office for those types of, waaaah Little Johnny nor Janey want them....wah!

Go read the article, it makes a great deal of sense.  I can tell you that although I'm not clairvoyant, but I did see this coming.  Plenty of us at the 'grunt' level did.  There were too few young faces in the ranks to carry on the hard, hand done work, to keep the country going.  And that system brings us to where we are today.  Too many English, Medieval French Poetry and Art History majors, not enough welders, plumbers and blasters.

But if you really want to know who I personally blame for this fiasco, go read JUST the title of Tom Wolfe's book about the 7 Original Mercury Astronauts, and find the guy who pushed that ideal.  He's the ignorant maroon who started us down this road.  He's the one who is the most at blame, in my opinion.  And before you go, I'm betting, that even if you don't know 'who', you can pick his party affiliation.






Dr AeroSpace Poots said...

Good question my dear Deeshwawn.

One that I've put to myself more and more as time has progressed.

In my younger days in Chicago, I used to make pocket change (a grand here and a grand there) busting a 'cap' (I say euphemistically) on street corner dealer such as thee.

BTW what corner did you say you worked on? I'm a little short of cash and just cleaned my capper.

Schteveo said...

Dear AeroSpaced,
there's a solution to that whole BS system too. People have got to know or understand that when Prohibition ended 99% of the bootleggers got OUT of bootlegging, right? The same thing exists with the drug trade. There are the same problems with gangs / cartels now, that we had with gangsters during Prohibition.

Murders, drive by shootings, territorial squabbles, and corruption in our legal system. That leaves out the problem on the Mexican Border and 100 miles inSIDE the country in some places where the cartels are causing problems, breaking laws and committing murders.

If we legalize the stuff, it takes all those problems away, creates a revenue stream via taxes, instead of the gub'ment agencies spending money.

alan said...

many a moon ago, my aunt pulled me aside, as I was beginning my life of service to Uncle Sam, and told me that if I did not go to college and get a degree, I would spend my life digging ditches.

10 years later I sent her a photograph of me digging a Z-trench (modern day foxhole for several people). On the back I wrote the caption:

"I have a degree, I am an army officer....and I'm still digging ditches....and do you know how much a backhoe operator makes these days?"

Now, I have multiple advanced degrees, in unrelated fields. I have them just for the sheer joy of learning something new. And I work for $70/day substitute teaching....primarily for the joy of teaching. Otherwise it isn't worth it.
Except now that the gov't has cut back on its military training budget, I might want to look for a real job again.
Cheers:-) time to go fill the minds of young adolescent entitlees with the concept that there really is a need to understand how to write the English language even if your goal is to become a millionaire athlete.

Cowpill said...

If you had to work with the bunch of college educated idiots that I have too deal with on a dailey basis. I am glad I didn't go to school full time.

Schteveo said...

I have a general sense of you age being 'around' 40, so that would put your Aunt in a 60 to 75 age range.

Admittedly, ALL supposition on my part, based on limited available intel...

But she is the group I didn't understand when I was 13 to NOW at 59!!! Unless her family was a bunch of college professors, lawyers or doctors, she didn't COME from that background. Even after WWII only 51% of veterans who were eligible for the G.I. Bill, actually went to college. So even if HALF of your Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents who were in WWII used their benefit, according to your Aunt, that meant the other half wound up digging ditches? Seriously?

My contention is and always will be, that this whole college vs ditches debate goes back to just ONE politician. And HIS family were teachers and lawyers and even ministers in TEXAS, and HE was a teacher. So his family is the one I referenced, with a familial history of college degrees. (did anyone figure this out yet...I've given you enough hints...)

alan, I got the ditch digger speech too. I have ALWAYS wondered two things. Who started this meme? AND why, oh WHY, did they decide to pick on ditch diggers? Because, and quite frankly, I know some jobs that are WAY worse than running a shovel digging ditches!

A Blunt and aTwelver Poots said...

Stever, Legalize away! In all for anything that makes my wife look better.

It's only going to be 91 today POOTS said...

That's I'm.... not in. Fucking Swype.

Do in sitting at Applebee s into my toid 16 oz Bud Waiting for them to finish the brakes on the Hemi. Then go look for a Fobus Belt Slide for the Glock 21. Sitting Steels with Rob Leatham in the morning. Just picked up a couple extra Glock 36 magazines for a decent price considering they're hard to find.

O And BTW'...............


alan said...

Schteveo...You are close. I am well north of 40is. and, of my mothers 5 siblings, exactly 1 earned a college degree, from a tech school. The aunt that made the comment, was the only one who married a college graduate.

funny thing is, "Auntie" kept the picture posted prominantly on her tack board in her office. Part of it was as a reminder.....

that no matter your education, you could end up doing almost anything else. And, so long as you were happy with what you were doing, it didn't matter.

The other part, was that she was extremely proud of her 5 nephews (4 of us brothers) that went into military service and far outshined the expectations of her generation.