Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here's a REAL shocker, the War on Drugs, is NOT working!!!

I don't know that this story is telling me anything I didn't know.  But I wonder about the price 'drop' they mention.  Not that I'm out buying illegal drugs regularly [I get enough stuff legally every month to kill a moose!] but people who I know do buy, aren't saying prices are going down!

Maybe it's just that those guys in the E.U. and in Australia have better sources than my 'acquaintances' here in N.C.
The global war on heroin, cocaine and cannabis is failing to stem supply, as prices of these drugs have tumbled while seizures of them have risen, according to a study published this week. 
Researchers analysed data from seven government-funded programmes that tracked the illegal drug market over more than a decade.
Three of the programmes monitored international drugs trafficking; three focused on the United States; and one tracked the drugs business in Australia.

The prices of heroin, cocaine and cannabis tumbled by 81 percent, 80 percent and 86 percent respectively between 1990 and 2007 in the United States when adjusted for inflation, the researchers found.

Over the same period, the average purity of these drugs rose by 60 percent, 11 percent and 161 percent respectively.

In 18 European countries, the street price of cocaine and heroin fell by 51 and 74 percent between 2000 and 2009.

Neither the purity of drugs seized in Europe nor the price of cannabis on the continent was given in the study.

The entire idea that law enforcement types can keep people from 'changing' their mental state or WANTING to, by passing laws is THE stupidest idea being enforced inside the worldwide, modern legal system.  There is something inside the human brain that seeks to change it's angle of view, and that's PSY 101 stuff, and every Freshman reads that shit too.

Too bad the guys who make laws aren't as smart as they think they are, or even as smart as an incoming  college sophomore. 


Lyndon B Johnson said...

Working better than the War on Poverty I'd have to say.

Millions of Niggas make their living selling drugs rather than working.

Lots of dem sell the drugs to Krackas an der keeds and save all dat Federal Bureaucracy midda man monies.

Schteveo said...

you racist ass hat. Don't you realize that those people would have real jobs if 'the man' wasn't holding them down!?

Spider said...

Make no mistake. The so-called "war on drugs" is a failure because it was (intended) to fail. As someone who fought that war for many years, it took me a long time to realize it was all bullshit. Like the Viet Nam war, the war on drugs was meant to be fought, not won. Nobody makes money winning wars, only fighting them.

Most of southeastern FL. would not be there today if not for the infusion of "boatloads" (literally) of drug cash back in the 70's and 80's. I saw it first hand. Also, many US banks, having made very shaky loans to 3rd world countries in South America, saw laundering drug cash as the only way they were going to get their money back. That's one reason FL. has more banks than any other state, and it used to have even more of them.

It's no different than the old prohibition of alcohol back in the 20's. Remember, it was prohibition that gave America organized crime. If it had ended sooner, OC would not have had time to grow as it did. There is no way for govt. to stop people from doing what they want to do. At best, all govt. can do, and does, is to (privately) profit from that which it (publicly) prohibits.

The (only) way to deal with the drug problem is to legalize (all) drugs. Yes, that's what i said. Give the junkies all they want, then tax it. That would, 1) get rid of most junkies, as they would most likely overdose since they couldn't resist all the free drugs they could get, and 2) remove the profits so many blacks and hispanics count on.

Cowpill said...

PUFF PUFF....give

Stink Weed said...


Like the Nigga on Cops said last night when the cop asked if he had a job. He Say SURE

I gots me a job.... eyez sells weed.

Warren D Ruggs said...

I be ferlowed

Schteveo said...

I've been a long time proponent of Legalization, Taxation, Education and Rehabilitation as needed.

The old saw that legal drugs would mean everyone would stay home high as a kite watching TPIR, is so stupid that it defies reasoning. Few of us have ever had an opportunity to see any area open up to a new 'vice'. I've seen it and lived to tell the tale.

When I first moved to this God forsaken hole, NC, there was NO liquor by the drink. If you wanted to drink in a 'club', there were no bars or 'beer joints', you had to buy your liquor from a State run liquor store. [that idiot system still exists!] Then you took your pint or fifth to the 'club', where you bought your set ups from the club, and mixed your own drinks at the table. The conventionally, but insane, wisdom behind that thinking was that people would drink MORE, if they could just stop at a bar, order drinks and then drive away.

It was technically illegal to drive with an 'open container' even in the trunk. but you could drive with a beer in your hand! go figure.

When the referendum to allow liquor by the drink came along, the anti-drinking crowd said that they had statistics saying, yeah saying not proving, that in states with liquor by the drink, that 4 children per day were run over by automobiles driven by drunks!

They had a bunch of that kind of crap.

But the law passed, we can drink in clubs and bars one drink at a time, and we don't have drunks running along all the sidewalks, anymore than you do in sane states. We do still have a few 'dry' towns and communities, and the entire county of Graham NC is 'dry'.

The whole 'dry' thing seems bizarre to me. I grew up in Louisville, KY where there are still 3 distilleries. Hell, when I was a kid going to Catholic Grade School, we actually took field trips to the distillery! So 'dry' to me meant the absence of moisture.

I think it would be the same with legalizing drugs.

Most people would go get their buzz on, go home, get some sleep and show up at FuckedUpJobs.com at 7:45 right on time, like they do now. The real and solid truth is, that if you have an addictive personality, you'll go around any laws or rules to get your 'drug' of choice. And that means real drugs or alcohol or gambling or getting spanked by Asian girls dressed like anime characters or whatever floats your boat.

People are very good at getting around the rules, as a rule. And all we're doing now is spending money on shit no one believes in much any more, Reefer Madness and the like.

TAYLOR Street POOTS said...

Watch dat sheet Jack. Popping an lick'n dug dealers was MY JOB back in Chicago. How you tank I drives a corvette fer ma firs ride when I wus 16?

Schteveo said...

you ain't right son, not even one little bit.

ChiPoots said...

Yea boss. What better way to get free money and no cops on yer ass than pop a drug dealer. Always gets blamed on another dealer. Like free shooting gallery. You makes the money and you can either sell the dope for mo money, or just run it up your nose.

CitiPoots said...

Can't get queasy about capping a couple boyz own da corner. Won't live long in the big city that way.