Monday, October 21, 2013

They Are Preparing

I only hope we're doing the same.


Cowpill said...

Nobody seems concerned in the group I know, they should be.

BOW said...

We are

Spider said...

It's gonna take a whole lot more than simple concern to stop this. The Philistines are at the gates and they must be met by fire.

Pooter Shooter said...

Online site called "Bulk Ammo" has 1,000 rnd cases of PMC in.45 & 5.56 for pretty decent prices.

Might just have to put a little cushion on what I already have.

Need a few new Glock 36 magazines as well. My new custom G36 carry holster and matching mag pouch should be coming any week now.

Schteveo said...

...hmmm, my comment from the other days is missing. You can ask Spider, my e-mail / internet service has been screeeeeewed up lately, so there's NO telling what happened to it....anyway,

I think the offices they are beefing up will be 'stormed' by people who rely on EBT Cards, but their cards don;t get recharged. Or the people who are pissed off at the IRS because their Obamacare 'vouchers' don't cover whatever they thought the vouchers were going to cover, will try to take over the IRS Offices. Personally, I wouldn't go NEAR those offices NOW, unless I'm already in handcuffs. And I try my damnedest to stay off their radar.

So, I'm betting they can hire one security guy for every 'worker' they've got, and it won't affect me.

If later on they send those 'security guards' out looking for us, I'm not worried. If they have the same type of 'well trained' workforce and the same loyalty and integrity in the 'security' force personnel AS the TSA has, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel. Plus, I don't think the kind of person who the government hires right now, WOULD have the intestinal / testicular fortitude to go out and be willing to catch a bunch of lead poisoning for his Royal Highness, the Lord High Muckety Muck, BHO!

They'll stay at home THAT day. Or simply refuse to go get shot for the chickenshit money the gub'ment pays for such jobs.