Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Uh, didn't Swarzenegger 'address' this issue?

There are days when, I swear to you, I think I'm losing my GD mind.  Days where the people 'in charge' seems as if they act like JRHS kids playing with fissionable material or they're like infants sticking OUR  collective fingers into a wall socket, with a missing cover.

And here we ARE AGAIN.
Eventually, drones may have the technical ability to make even lethal decisions autonomously  to respond to a programmed set of inputs, select a target and fire their weapons without a human reviewing or checking the result. Yet the idea of the U.S. military deploying a lethal autonomous robot, or LAR, is sparking controversy. Though autonomy might address some of the current downsides of how drones are used, they introduce new downsides policymakers are only just learning to grapple with.
So, the DoD hasn't really just THOUGHT about this.  The DoD and they're minions committed enough to 'think' up an acronym for the naming of this type weapon?  I think most thinking adults, all 311 of us left in America [that's a guees BTW] , know that there is no OAF [Office of Acronym Formulation] at the DoD.  Oh, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of oafs at DoD, the defense contractors, at 1600 Penn. Ave and in Congress where this shit gets approved.

But the acronyms come from the smart boys at the defense contractors, who design these 'products'  Those clowns just see this the way Ray Kroc saw burgers and fries.  It's simply a 'product' to sell at a profit to them.

But as deadly as I'm told a burger can BE, I've never had one TRACK me down and force itself into my stomach!
The basic conceit behind a LAR is that it can outperform and outthink a human operator. "If a drone’s system is sophisticated enough, it could be less emotional, more selective and able to provide force in a way that achieves a tactical objective with the least harm," said Purdue University Professor Samuel Liles. "A lethal autonomous robot can aim better, target better, select better, and in general be a better asset with the linked ISR [intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance] packages it can run."
Conceit isn't even close to what this is.  Stupidity is a mile short.  Foolishness is getting into the neighborhood, I do believe, but still falls woefully short.  Perhaps a string of adjectives? Short sighted stupidity, compounded by foolish conceit, is about where I think they are.

Dr. Frankenstein had these traits, in spades, and we know how that turned out.

But, I digress, back to my original theme.  In 2011, the last full year for data, 11.6 MI:L:LION people were the victims of Identity Theft.  Most of it committed via 'smart' phones and computers.  Now I know what most people will say,

"...but Schteveo, the thieves and scammers get into that personal stuff, because the users forget to use their security systems!!!!"

Here's what I know, about THAT, from my own experiences.

The people who 'forget' to secure their own personal electronic gear, ALSO forget to secure their gear at WORK!  And yes, that includes people with big time, VERY high security clearances at DoD, and at our banks, stores and credit card companies.  Those people can cause us all financial ruin, in mere seconds, what about stupid people at DoD or the contracting offices?  We know that the people at DoD leave their electronic 'fly' open a great deal also. That's how the ChiComs and NKs get into our computer systems periodically, like guys getting into a warehouse, because someone simply forgot to lock one just door..

The bad guys have legions of smart people, who spend hours everyday, hacking their way onto our DoD networks, HOPING that Chuck Hagel left his laptop on and unsecured after several hours of playing Angry Birds or looking at Gay Jamaican Porn videos!!  If anyone leaves their computer ON, the hackers can get in.

And if they can get into the computers now to see ??? plans, they can get in a dump crap into the Drone Programming!  After that, how hard is it to reprogram the MFers to shoot at US and not 'THEM' ?  Just what safeguard do they have that will keep 'them' out of the LOR program and control loop? 

The bottom line for me is this, I've seen all the "Terminator" movies, I've read all the "Colossus" books and I've got "Colossus: The Forbin Project" on VHS.  I don't foresee these machines starting to 'think'.  But, I do know how easily bad people figure out how to harm us with our own gear, when new technology comes along. 

It's usually a short time after we start new using new tech, before our 'enemies' are using something similar.  Usually everybody is about the same place in R & D on military technology.  Sometimes with Americans as willing accomplices, they get a 'little' help.  People like the Rosenbergs, or Bradley Manning think they are helping 'the world' by outting the U.S.  Worse still, people like John Anthony Walker and his family who worked for decades undermining us, just for the money and the 'buzz'. 

Given all that, I just don't see HOW the DoD can tell us, with any sort of certainty, that OUR autonomous drones won't be used against us, can they?


Spider said...

This sounds like a shit storm looking for a place to happen. The most sophisticated computers/devices in the world still rely on human input to some degree. And therein lies the problem.

We should all be aware by now that (autonomy) is the wave of the very near future. Most of todays new cars feature all kinds of gadgets that all-but eliminate the driver. And most of you will be around to see (driverless) cars, something i read about in Popular Mechanics back in the 50's. Drones are just another variation of that same thinking. Soon, drones will be as common as smartphones. I understand the MSM/entertainment industry is buying them by the boatload. Soon, the paparazzi won't have to sneak onto your property to get a picture of you peeing. They'll simply hover outside your window.

Now personally, i don't mind the drones even if they're armed, but i would surely mind them flying around the US. We have more than enough enemies around the world where these drones can kill all day long, with my blessing. But, the problem with these things is, no matter how super-sophisticated they are, somewhere along the chain is some dumb human. And that means an eventual major fcuk-up.

BOW said...

It will be used for Obamacare death panels

Schteveo said...

I don't like the idea, because the areas of the world where we would use them, still have OUR troops [read that as my son, my nephews and nieces, your family's kids, your neighbor's kids...] in those areas.

I don't know if you remember the Falkland Island War or not. But some of our drones are almost as big as an old French Exocet Missile, and carry almost as much of a payload. I'd hate to think of our kids on a CG or DDG out there in Middle Eastern waters, being it by OUR drones, run by our enemies. Even an unarmed drone could cause trouble though. This, from the attack reports on HMS Sheffield,

The Exocet missile which hit Sheffield did not detonate, but the missile severed the high-pressure fire main on board. The resultant fire caused by burning propellant ignited diesel oil from the ready-use tanks in the engine room, and other inflammable materials used in the ship's construction. These fires burned unchecked for a number of days after the ship was abandoned.

It killed 20 of the crew, from the initial strike and the fires. Ships we can build, but I can't see putting our military people in any MORE danger than need be. And LOR crosses that threshold for me, because hackers could get in.

As it is, we have a few reports of drones run from long distance 'exhibiting' flight patterns 'suggesting' the command and control systems HAD been hacked for some period of time.