Monday, October 21, 2013

Two of the SCARIEST videos I've ever seen

And I don't mean 'Walking Dead' scary or 'Rosemary's Baby' scary or even '101 Dalmatians' scary.

Mark Dice is a vigilante videographer, publisher and writer who lives in San Diego.  He's been doing guerrilla video at all sorts of Lefty events for about 13 or 14 years.  One of his first was him taking around a petition to outlaw Dihydrogen Monoxide [otherwise known as water] because it's too dangerous.  Penn & Teller get credit for that one most often, but Dice did it first.

I've put two of his newest videos below, because the people he's talking to are SO scary stupid, that it defies reasoning!  In his earlier videos they played fast and loose with the words to prove that many who signed petitions put out by the Left were getting bamboozled by fast talk, technical terms for simple things and by misdirection.

But in the two I've posted, he is spelling out EXACTLY what is on the petitions, and people sign them and often comment on what they've signed.  And I realize that most people will say, "...well, he IS in California!!!".  Yes, he is, but he's in San Diego, not San Francisco or West Hollywood.  It's that much more of a pity in my mind, San Diego used to be just about the most Conservative place IN California. 

Sadly, here are the videos,

Number One:  Mark Dice getting people to sign a petition, to help Barack Obama get Karl Marx on the ballot for POTUS in 2016.

Number Two:  Mark Dice getting people to sign a petition to Institute an Orwellian police state, based on Nazi Germany.

I believe the Forest Gump said it best boys and girls.  Stupid is as stupid does!


Spider said...

I've seen most of Mark's videos and there's nothing that makes me laugh harder. But, what truly scares me is that these mindless cretins vote. They, and those who think like them, are the reason America has become a Marxist state.

Schteveo said...

...wait, WAIT, can't fool me, it's not a Marxist State if he doesn't run for two more years!

I know you've seen that online Civics Test, it's based on the test people take to get citizenship. I can't tell you how many CONSERVATIVES, many with college degrees, who have told me they didn't pass the online test. While I agree that those suckling at the Obama teet are a problem, I'm not ruling out stupid the 'conservatives' playing a role too. They're the ones I suspect of electing the McCains and Specters.

They vote Republican, but not Reagan Republican. Which screws us too.

Anonymous said...

People need to understand that there is a growing and clear difference between republicans and conservatives. For a very long time, the two were generally seen as being the same. That is definitely not the case.

Cowpill said...


Schteveo said...

I think we are in dire need of the same kind of split, that created the Republican Party. I've just begun to read about the death of the Whigs and the start of the Republicans. It's all twisted and much of it is highly opinionated. But IF we all go away from the RNC, or the more Conservative ones of us leave to create a new party, it will be for exactly the kind of reason that Ronald Reagan said HE became a Republican.

"I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left me"

That's how I feel about the current RNC now. The party has changed SO much, moved SO far Left of where they were when I started following politics. And please understand that I realize all groups work within the confines of a Bell Curve. But our party has ceased to work along the lines of normal distribution, IMO.

Something is terribly skewed out of balance, between the 'leaders' who set the party agenda, and in what the 'followers' or supporters want. We've been put in the situation of voting AGAINST 'their guy', instead of voting FOR our guy!

The party platform is moving further Left, as has the DNC's product. But the ground WE are told is OUR platform and political positioning now, is about where the left Leaning Moderates USED to be when I was a young man. It's nuts!

I've been told that my idea of a Third Party just 'ensures' the Democrats winning, like when many of us voted for Perot. Well, that might be true for a cycle or two. But, there are many people who aren't voting now, BECAUSE they don't see the differences in the parties now. They want a better government, but they've given up on the current system.

Maybe they'd vote for the New American Uptysquat Party that thinks America CAN be better again? That we CAN get control of the Federal budget, that we CAN be the Leader of the Free World WITHOUT paying the America Haters around the world for the privilege.

As it is, only about 45% of possible voters are registered, only half to two-thirds of them vote, depending on what level of 'elections' we're talking about.

All we can do is hope that it changes in our life times, without people starving or dying of 'lead poisoning'.