Friday, October 25, 2013

...NOT anymore!!!

I remember being very interested in battles when I was a kid.  So I watched all the WWII, WWI, movies I could catch on TV.  I also remember seeing pictures of posters from WWII.  They were put out by the War Advertising Council.  People now would refer to this as a 'propaganda poster'.  I'm not sure how keeping the military secrets of your country 'SECRET' is propaganda though, then, now or ever.  But the idiot liberals are mostly in charge of writing history, so...screw their attitude.

One of the posters that hits home for me especially, is this one at the left.  As a sailor, I understood the need for not letting out the when / where of our ships or fleet movements.

I guess I'll go SO far as to say that, I even understand guys like John Walker, or anyone who sells secrets.  They do it for the money, the girls, the buzz and many are socially outcast and do it to feel big or important.  I understand guys like Kim Philby.  Philby, and other spies like him, did what he did because he believed that Communism is better than Capitalism, it was ideological.  I'll go further and say that I understand the Rosenbergs and Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.  They truly think that their leaking information 'levels the playing field' in the world, or they believe that leaking those things helps people see the U.S. as an aggressive nation, so that we, the United States will back away from our worldwide 'Imperial Quests'.  [I just threw up in my mouth a little...]

Here's what I do NOT understand. 

The kinds of people, like the jackass in this story, who would run their mouth, in a non-secure place and who would have our enemies, get the intel that could sink our ships.  Now, the story I'm about to reference doesn't really fit that like a dovetail into typical telling of secrets.  But it does show just how witless and foolish the current crop of 'spy bosses' are in America.

We learn this from the Twitter feed of Tom Matzzie, former Washington director of Political Action, who sat near retired Gen. Michael Hayden. Matzzie's tweets suggest that Hayden took calls from reporters digging into the ongoing NSA spy scandal and asking about President Barack Obama's BlackBerry and CIA secret prisons overseas.

They are so sure, that all of US are prospective terrorists they want to listen to ALL our phone calls, read ALL our e-mail, check ALL our web searches, they're convinced that they need to do this ALL over the world too.  Have you seen the stories coming out of Europe this week?  We've pissed off all our traditional allies with the intel we're doing at the highest levels of their governments. 

Our freedoms are at risk because the powers in the country, fear we (they actually) are under attack by outside forces AND inside forces.  They are so security driven, that they make noises like the old Soviet bosses, about taking some small pieces of our freedom, so that the BIG freedoms stay in place.  

But on the other hand, the ex-head of the NSA & CIA, Michael Hayden, is so brainless, so non-security conscious, that he openly talked on his CELL phone, in a non-secure compartment of the Acela Train, ABOUT security matters.  And WHO was he telling things to, in the train, on his cell phone...the MSM.  But he DID keep reminding them to call him an anonymous source.

Hayden is, in MY mind, the worst case basis for our current government's intelligence agencies.  He's sure WE are such a danger in the country, he was sure enough to run millions of illegal e-mail searches and sure enough to tap millions of cell phone calls, sure enough to watch millions of web searches.  But he's exactly the guy he's been searching for.

He's a 'leaker' himself, a danger to all of us and he's no smarter than the low level idiots Snowden and Manning he supposedly tried to stop.  In fact, he is more dangerous in my opinion then anyone like them.  He's more dangerous because he took the King's shekels, then told the King's secrets he took an oath to keep, but he didn't have the BALLS to tell the secrets like Snowden or Manning, in the full light of day as a Patriot.  Hayden should go to jail for this.  Unfortunately, it won't happen.

Days like this, I miss guys like J. Edgar, and I've only heard or read stories about guys like Adm Souers, or Gen Vandenberg.  But they HAD integrity.  A concept and a word that are all but unknown in 21st Century America.  The proof is in the fact that guys at the TOP, guys like Michael Hayden don't believe that Loose Lips Sink Ships...NOT anymore!!!


Snorpht .. Teacher Banger said...

Loose Lips........ Just make it take longer to get your nuts off.

A hunnert days that 14yo that cut up his teacher was banging her and she dumped him.

Schteveo said...

OR did he want to do that 'thang', and she said no, so he killed her?

Then again bro, she's not that new kind of '24 year old, HS teacher who's cute enough to kill if I don't get some' kind of cute.

Either way, I wasn't bat shit crazy like kids are now, and I mean even the non-killer kind of kids. They're all nutsoid now, male, female, that third choice they say is OK, all of them. So who knows if sex was part of the situation out there, or not.

Spider said...

The one thread i see running through almost all those who commit (what i see as) treason, is that they are directly or indirectly connected to the Left. That's why most of these (spy) stories usually come out in Left-wing websites or publications first. Steve's article is a case in point. The head of Move-on was able to see/hear what the spy chief was saying? (HUH?)

And, believing as i do, that the Left is deeply involved in these problems, that tells me that what they're doing is (politically) motivated. They're trying to protect the Marxist-in-Chief's administration, or at the very least, gather info (for it) from those it sees as it's enemies or potential enemies. And, you can be sure that We The People are on that enemies list. Of course, that excludes those on the Demoncrat voting rolls.

And just how far will this govt. go in keeping track of what it sees as it's enemies? Well, that line seems to be getting pushed further and further. In many cases, we've even surpassed the old Gestapo. (the below link is a perfect example)

Keeping all of the above in mind, i have sent a request/demand to my local member of congress, comrade something or other, i forget, that a brand new govt. agency be created. The USDH. (The United States Dept. of Hangings) This agency's task would be to summarily hang, (in public of course) anyone involved in any act that would endanger the people and/or security of the USA, (or), anyone espousing left-wing sentiments, or furthering a leftist agenda in (any) way.

Psych Minor Poots said...

I was FUCKING my Psychopathology teacher in college. Geez. Now I look back and think about it, Seems kind of inevitable doesn't it?

Schteveo said...

it seems to me that the 'silent invasion' that the House Un-American Activities Committee and Sen. McCarthy warned us about in the '50s, HAS happened. But because they got shouted down, here we are.

The, then yet to be named, Political Correctness movement, hurt us then, and it's hurting us now. And until we can stand up and scream EVERY time some knot headed do-gooder says we're hurting the self-esteem of "X" person, or "Y" group, we'll continue to be side lined.

I don't care much for commies said...

Poot? Did you enjoy it as much as he did?