Wednesday, October 30, 2013

News on the home front

Sorry...this $%^$^ computer wouldn't let me reduce the size of the picture. That's a gov't computer for you.....only makes things bigger!

My daughter sent this picture the other day.  Mrs. & I thought it was great, because just a few hours before our other married daughter sent us a message saying basically the same thing.

I'm telling you.  Grandkids are Great!!!! our number is going to double next summer.

I just wanted to share this with you, my friends. I sit here at work, on a new contract, which the gov't contracting office does not understand, so I am getting paid a decent amount of money, to sit and not do my job, because "they" haven't finished putting the pieces together.....the least they could do is pay me an indecent amount of money to sit around!... or maybe I should just stay quiet.

Can't wait to see all my kids on Turkey Day in a few weeks.


Spider said...

Hey, the pic is a perfect size. And you're 100% right about grandkids. Mine are the bright lights of my life. The only problem with them is that they grow too fast.

I don't care much for commies said...

Teach 'em to off commies

Blame it all on Bush said...

Shpeshelly da Muzilum kind der duder.

Anonymous said...

Don't care for Commies?

You ever fukked wun Douche Munkey?

Dey don't jus yell Mao Mao Mao when de Kum ch'all faggit.