Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And I thought he was crazy before this!

Arlen Specter is going out in (moonbatty) style. In his last speech before leaving the Senate he talked about things on which he is an expert. Partisan politics and judicial activism for two examples.
Is it me, or is my memory clear on this worm changing parties a few years back to change the balance of voting power and committee assignments in the Senate? And the Judiciary Committee is just ONE of those committees!!
Specter was, is and will always be a politically opportunistic asshole. He's simply trying to set the path for his future. He'll show up next year as a Reformer for Better Government.
And there are enough stupid jerks in America that some of them will really buy it.


Spider said...

Personally, i've always viewed Spector as a guy who, after being a small-town prosecutor in PA., saw himself as some kind of all-knowing, judicial super star. His idea of heaven was/is getting a seat on the SCOTUS, something i believe he's totally unqualified for.

As for his politics, they're actually all about him, not a party. Since he was always a progressive Republican, and often sided with the Left, jumping over to the Demoncrats wasn't much of a big deal for him. Fortunately for the country, in the last elections he got caught without a chair when the music stopped. I doubt very much we'll be seeing much of him anymore, unless he becomes a lobbyist like the rest of them do.

Schteveo said...

I think you underestimate him bud. (and his friends on the Left) Specter will be back next year, on all the liberal news shows, as a all knowing, all seeing, savior of the country.

He'll make a late life career of being a Judicial Expert / Constitutional Expert.

srk said...

or a taxidermist model