Monday, December 13, 2010

Who is right?

Which scenario do you see?

1. Knowingly building a house in a ‘flood zone’ (per se), then asking for other people’s money to rebuild after the flood?

2. The “public” (government) failing to maintaining a public right-of-way which costs the property owner his rights?

Are they really spending money to maintain private property, or are they spending money to maintain a public easement?

Either way - give me a defensible property in the hills where I can grow okra, squash, chickens, jalapenos, and goats - AND NO 'ROLLING' EASEMENTS.
(The only thing you can grow with beach property is barnacles.)
Now "encroaching" (and indefensible) Galveston beach property (where you can't grow corn or peas.)


Schteveo said...

I'm sorry to say I side with private property. However, this is ALL a short term problem.

As the barrier islands wash out from under the houses, NEW beach front will be created, said beach front will be open to everyone, as the NEW beach front will be where the road WAS, and the gub'ment already owns that ground!! We have these same idiot conversations here, NC has the Outer Banks as barrier islands to fight over, so I'm well versed in arguing my side of this!!

I too am all about defensible ground that will grow goats and chickens and other stuff. That's why I'm about to scoop up the .9 acre lot next to mine. Too bad you can't grow ammo.

(I am, soon, going to be able to barter ethyl alcohol for other goods like ammo if the need arises for that kind of economy. hoping to have a forge going to. all I need is a chestnut tree. anybody got hemp seeds...I might need to make some rope...maybe)

Anonymous said...

Bunkers. Dig bunkers.