Monday, December 13, 2010

The Illusion of Privacy

Is your privacy still important to you?

While most of us are distracted by things our government does, such as gathering pieces of information about us, we are usually oblivious to the fact that private companies are routinely compiling more information about us than the govt. ever could, or would. And when these invasions of our privacy are brought to our attention, why is it only the govt. that bears the brunt of our anger?

Today, we are all the victims of an out-of-control advertising industry. Not one of us is safe from this juggernaut which sees our desire for privacy as nothing more than an insignificant and minor detail that gets swept aside by their insatiable greed. We have reached the point where it's no longer possible to look at, or listen to something without being exposed to some type of commercial message, be it direct, indirect, or subliminal. Many cable TV channels now contain more commercials than actual programming! (ie. Fox) All of these commercial messages are being force-fed to us by the same industry that is violating our right to privacy on a massive scale. What we say, what we do, and even what we think, is being tracked. And yes, that includes right here at Annies! (google) As for our computers, one gets the impression they were invented simply to give our private info to the whole world without our consent or even our knowledge. The more safeguards (ie. spam-ware, etc.) we install on our computers, the less effective they seem to be.

So, do we mind this invasion, or have we become so numb to it that we don't even notice any more? Personally, i mind it very much, especially when i find 3 or 4 pounds of catalogs in my mail box every day, (from companies i've never dealt with) and triple that around holiday time. I also mind not being able to watch a TV program without constant interruptions, but that's just me. Are we being overpowered by technology and greed, so much so, that our privacy is no longer relevant?

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Jimbo said...

1. You don't have to watch TV
2. You don't have to use the internet

People have chosen these forms of entertainment and communications through popular use. Both are the direct result of capitalism. Retailers want to know our preferences so they can sell us what we want.

I'll take ignorable commercials and filterable emails as opposed to someone determining for me what I want to watch and what I want to read.

I suppose there some guys out there who really DO want to lengthen their penis by 50%.

In the end, Capitalism is better than the alternatives.

Luckily, I'm "technologically enabled" which allows me the ability to use the available filters that limit personal intrusions.