Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are We Safe?

We had a saying here in Brooklyn when i was growing up; "three people can keep a secret only if two are dead." Perhaps it wasn't a local saying, but we thought it was since it fit in so well with the local mentality. When we see what's going on with Wikileaks, and other anti-American forces bent on destroying us, it's apparent the nitwits who run our govt. and our "intelligence" agencies didn't grow up in Brooklyn.

With the latest disclosure of documents, it has come to light that there are "well over one Million people in our govt. with a Top Secret security clearance", just like the one Pfc. Manning, the gay little traitor had while he spent years downloading all kinds of top secret information onto his "music" CD devise. Why do so many people have total access to our most important secrets? Well, (and this shouldn't surprise you) no one seems to know. It almost seems like the privilege of having that very high level of clearance is handed out like mini-franks at a DC cocktail party. ("oh, ya mean you don't have one? Come by my office tomorrow and i'll get you one")

Right after WWII, it was said that there were more Communist spies in the British govt. than tea pots. Later on, history proved that statement to be factual. Here in the US, we've heard cries of "McCarthyism" for decades, usually coming from Leftists. They of course, refer to US Sen. Joe McCarthy, a WWII combat vet, who was on a crusade to rid our govt. of Communist spies and sympathizers. The Left always portrays him as a wild nut-case and a loose canon. What they never mention is that to a great extent, he was right. Our govt. at the time, especially the State Dept., was riddled with Communist sympathizers and spies. The so-called entertainment industry (Commiewood) was also loaded with sympathizers. Even back than! The result was that the Russians knew more about what we were doing than we did. Is that still the case?


Schteveo said...

So long as there are countries or companies, there will be spies. And the only way for those entities to keep avg joe from being tempted by money or fame is to make the consequences so severe as to scare off a grand majority of possible spies.

At present, we hardly make getting caught more serious than spitting on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

I'm baffled by the fact that someone who is 23 years old had so much access to such sensitive information. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to be 18 to enlist? So that means that he has been in for 4-5 years and he has that high a security clearance? I did see this dude in a uniform didn't I? Incredible!-CFC

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did see him in a uniform. One with pink lace on it. Repeal DTDA? Right!

Anonymous said...

It never stops.

alan said...

It is a convoluted system. The last time I got my TS-SCI clearance updated, I needed it for a job in Iraq.

I submitted the application in August, I deployed in January. My friends and neighbors were interviewed in September, the clearance was granted in October, and I came home in January. Yes that is in chronological order.

No rhyme or reason, just done by a local FBI agent so there is not telling what the quality of the investigation actually is. Mine was probably more in depth because I had been in the military for 23 years and had spent way to much time around "tea baggers" and gun slingers.