Thursday, June 21, 2012

Committing National Suicide

I have always been of the opinion that if there's one thing that will eventually destroy us as a nation, it will be our insane, irrational, and completely unsustainable immigration policy, a policy that was, for the most part, created by, and continues to be sustained by, Leftist Demoncrats. You see, Demoncrats don't see illegals draining us. All they see are future votes. And the fact that the Marxist-in-Chief and his campaign are bending over backwards to allow illegals to vote this Nov. is clear proof. That is the reason the Left is fighting so hard to defeat any attempt to require people to show a valid ID in order to vote. With 20-40 Million illegals in the country, it's a huge prize to fight for.

The linked story is a small indication of how our incredibly lax policies are allowing millions of illegals to infest our country. Once here, they simply disappear into the nation and start collecting everything our highly misguided sense of compassion makes available to them.

This particular case involves New Mexico, but spreads all the way across the country. And, as is the case in most of our southern states, the names of State officials would indicate that perhaps it shouldn't be called "New" Mexico, but simply Mexico, as most of those areas no longer even resemble the US. Note how the Spanish official in NM's Taxation and Revenue Dept. can only find 164 cases of driver license fraud, out of "92,000" issued to foreigners.

I wonder if there's enough time left for us to wake up...


Head Ubangi said...

Personally I think all the white people in the US should commit suicide. That would serve all the Niggas and illegals right. No mo electricity, no mo water no more food stamps, no more free shit from white people. They would be back washing off their collard greens on the same ditch they shit in worrying some drug motherfucker spic is honda shoot them for using a ditch on their turf. Back to the good old days like in uganda.

Schteveo said...

I think 'the people' are awake.

But unless you go to sites like ours or others like GB's stuff, Malkin, Hannity, Coulter etc, etc, etc, you don't see or hear it. The media WANTS us to think we are defeated and done. They cover for the idiot leftist assholes in D.C. or the Statehouses, and blame /bush for everything from Ant infestation to Zebra herds dying off in African droughts.

Yeah, I know there are plenty of sheople. but those brainless schmucks will vote for Obama again anyway!

Here's WHY I have hope, guns and ammo sales are still up. My Army Surplus store is having their best year ever. And Joe has been out here for 17 years. There is always a car or two in the lot and people are buying survival gear in there.

I'm not sure idiot leftist city dwellers are preparing for anything. They might be buying 2 x 1's and poster board so they can protest starving to death. but beyond that, I doubt they're planning.

srk said...

That's why Staples was out of poster boards for my kid's science project!

Schteveo said...

I just hope stupid people taste good. That way he zombies will go after them fist.

Most of them should be like veal. Well fed, tender from not doing much exercise. And those vegetarians and vegans should be really tasty from eating no meat.

Here's a question if they only eat vegetables, no meat, no meat by products...would that make them halal? For Muslim zombies?

I'll call a Muslim School on Monday and ask.

Cowpill said...

I left New Mexico for this of many reasons. That state is totally corrupt. The republican Governor is tied down due to lifetime legislature Demoncrats that openly endorse drivers permits for illegals and then sends them voter registration forms. I lived in a town called Edgewood, I called it the last bastion of sanity in the state, but alas it was discovered by progressives and therefore doomed.