Friday, June 15, 2012

Public Service Announcement


Schteveo said...

Sometimes it bears reeating, you can't make these things up.

alan said...

a true testement to the public education system and the ability of media proof readers and editors.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have directions to that town?

"Balls said...

the Queen,if I had them I'dbe King!"

Missy said...

Whose going to be the first Cox Sukker in line?

Spider said...

Why does mom get breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, while dear old breadwinner dad gets another ugly tie for his vast collection on Father's Day?

Happy Fathers Day, to those who are!

alan said...

This dad? He's working while everyone else stays in bed.

Enjoy your freedom everyone, the green machine is still on duty.

Shootin, Jerking Drinkin Poots said...

Wife and kid are in China.

Got up early and hit the gym.

I just ordered 1,000 rnds of .45 on Fathers Day sale at Ammoman.
Going shooting in an hour.

Drink beer after that.

Then the pool with beers (it's 112 today).

Then grill a steak, with beers.

Then, I'm gonna jerk off, go to sleep and dream about how fast I'm gomma be at steel shootin with that 1,000 rnds of 185gr instead of fighting the recoil of those 230gr muthas I been using. I'm gonna eat the .40s alive and run with the 9-ers.

BOW said...

Click my name. It gets better.