Friday, June 15, 2012

Man of the People sticks the People with the Tab! Twice in three days!!

So our idiot POTUS is on the Campaign Trail. 


No, not again, STILL, and that Campaign Trail has been pounding on now for the 64th month in a row for those of us who are counting.  But The Man of the People tops his arrogance this week I think.  Who knew THAT was even possible?!
Anyway, last night he attended some big shot NYC Fund Raiser at the Home of Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick who is her husband.  Broderick was [here's the line used in two places this morning] 'noticeably absent'.  Yes he was absent, because he was WORKING on Broadway!  I'm guessing it was a pricey night for him at home, if he had to pay for food for these caviar and champagne sucking clowns.

 But they did raise $4.5 M for Obumble's ongoing campaign!  But here's how WE got stuck for his travel expenses. Obumble dropped by the WTC Site to look around, and as we all know, he only did it to stick us with his travel tab!

Not paying the tab was the theme for campaigning this week I think; and here's why I say that..
Earlier this week, he had an Early Father's Day lunch at Kenny's BBQ in D.C., The One and his ENTIRE retinue of slobbering psycophants 'forgot' to pay for lunch!  Now I ask you, how can half a dozen grown ADULTS eat lunch and 'forget' to pay for the food?!  By using the word adults I probably answered my own question. 

But it also underscores a huge problem with this entire Administration and the majority of Liberal Democrats and how they think and vote.  They think somebody else should pay!  And it doesn't matter who 'somebody' is, just so long as it's NOT them.  And that's why they've got to go in November.


Spider said...

By stopping off at the WTC for a few minutes, the Marxist-in-Chief was then able to hang the massive tab for the rest of his campaign stop on the tax paying sheeple of America. In fact, i wouldn't be a bit surprised to find that We The Sheeple also paid for all the food and booze at the "stunningly ugly" SJP's Manhattan townhouse. You know how those commiewood leftists just hate to pay for anything.

Maybe it's just me, but looking at the pics in this link, i noticed something i'd never seen before. A black pilot flying Marine-1. I also noticed (for the first time) short, Hispanic SS agents awaiting His Majestys arrival at SJP's pad. Hmmm...

Hey, forget about your overdue bills, the price of gas, the fact that your house is worthless, and America quickly becoming a third-world country. Rejoice in the fact that all those fine folk had one hell of a blast on your dime. Maybe they'll mail us all some leftovers. If you get a package from NYC marked, "SUCKER", you'll know it's from them.

Schteveo said...

Quit bitching, you're from NYC, I'll bet you drop by and see Sarah and Matthew ALL the time!!!

What a bunch of clueless ass munchers!

alan said...

my amputee PH sporting little brother walks past their "pad" all the time....doesn't everybody in NYC?