Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Selling your medals????

Ok, after reading the article, it isn't such a bad thing, heart wrenching maybe, but that is about it.   The guy put an Army Achievement Medal (AAM) up for auction on Ebay because he needed the money.

The good side, people are helping the guy out, not necessarily by buying the medal (with the highest bid at over $3,000)  but buy providing food, clothing, and possibly a job.  These came via the noteriety of selling the medal.

the kookie side....3 grand for the lowest medal for achievement that the army has.  The only award for achievement that is lower, other than "I was there" medals is the "I was enlisted for 3 years and never got a DUI medal" also known as the Good Conduct medal.   I was awarded 3 AAM's, yes three,  on the same day back when I was a young PFC, albeit for different events.  Usually they are awarded as an impact award.  In comparison, I was awarded an Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM), which is the next higher award, for being top gun in my squadron after a semi-annual aerial gunnery. 

To top it off, the article shows the certificate that goes with the medal, then shows a GWOT (Global War on Terrorism Service medal--an "I was there" medal). 

for only $17.75 you can own your own AAM if you order it on line.   Or go to your local military clothing sales (ok, maybe not so local) and you can buy it for $9.

Good thing is the guy is getting some help for his family.

I am just flabbergasted that people would actually bid on something like it, and then put that much money into it.  $3,000!!!!   I've got 12.  and 5 ARCOMs, and 3 MSMs and a Bronze Star. I could be a millionaire!!!! I wonder what they would pay for an Army Service cost me 55 cents, do you think it would be worth at least a dollar, plus $5.95 shipping and handling.


BOW said...

I think it is to raise awareness. Many people will bid and some (I would hope all) will not accept the medal, but to actually donate the money to him.

Spider said...

This story also says something else. And what it says about us as a society is not pretty. That being, that someone who put on a uniform and served his country has to stoop to this level.

Someday, when we grow-up as a nation, (assuming we last that long) we will recognize the fact that those who sacrifice so much for our country deserve to be treated better than those who sit around waiting for that next welfare check, or those who stroll into our country illegally and drain us. As of now, we apparently have yet to see that.