Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Do We Have Here?

Is the friend of our enemy still our friend?

Last week, Vladimir Putin, Russia's president-for-life, (apparently )  had a serious sit-down with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It seems the old, and hard-core, communist KGB agent wants the Israeli's to back-off their plans to attack Iran, using America's highly misguided adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan as examples of what happens when you go to war without thinking first. A "very good" point, IMO. Of course, you can bet keeping Israel on a leash will be a benefit to, not only Russia, but more importantly, to the old KGB spy.

Putin, if you recall, is the same guy GWB sat next to in the WH. That was the day GWB said, "i've looked into his eyes and this is a man i can trust ". It was like a dumb fly giving praise to a very hungry spider. When it comes to being cunning and deceitful, neither GWNitwit, nor the current moron in the Oval Office, are any match for the wily old spy. 

Could our long-time friends and allies be getting tired of being insulted, ignored, and slapped in the face by the Marxist in the Oval Office, who quite clearly favors his Mooselamb brothers in the middle east? And, if the Israeli's do decide to change friends, who does that leave us with in the area, other than the Mooselamb Brotherhood, the radical group of terrorists Obummer has been clearing a path for?

Isn't it truly amazing the damage that can be done by weak, gullible, and mindless voters?



Schteveo said...

"...examples of what happens when you go to war without thinking first."

I don't think it's a matter of not thinking first. It's this modern, and quite idiotic, idea that 'wars' don't get won, you fight until the other side agrees with you. There is an equally stupid idea that you can fight a war without killing too many people or tearing up too many buildings. It's all equally idiotic, and progressive.

Putin can say what he wants to about anything to Netanyahu, but Netanyahu doesn't suffer from the progressive malady. As a nation, with damned few exceptions of pacifists, the Israelis have no problem defending themselves.

And if they think they're i danger, us or them kinds of danger They'll launch one of their nukes at Tehran.

Berny GoldenShtein said...

GWB was not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Just a religiously good heart, you know, a trusting moron. Personally, I would have pulled a Patton at the later stages of WWII and then when japan was taken care of, would have launched my next wave of Nukes from japan on China. From there it's just a quick jump to murder all those little fukking dot haids. After having relaxed for a bit grilling up some of the the sacred and abundant Porterhouses and T-Bones walking around there, I would have been all refreshed to start whacking the Towel Heads off at the neck screaming "Allah FukBar'.

Men, Women and Children. (especially the childen)

After contemplating life w/o an extra 3 billion pig shits screwing up rush hour, then we get serious and exterminate the French... cause I HATE THE FUKKING french! Hairy wimmen with smelly pussys and short little latte lapping jerk offs. Just keep a few to grow the grapes and then Pull an Adolf on the rest.

Spider said...

Good points Berney. Unfortunately a bit too late. They should've listened to Patton.


Boiney Das Shuper Jew said...

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Snorpht (Vlad) Poot-in said...

Hey leave Pootin alone. He's almost like family.

Name the quote said...

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Turd Munky said...

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Schteveo said...

Somebody slap that guy with his own fish!

Charlie Tuna said...

Fishy, Pussy, whatever! The only way to tell them apart is by the Brazilian Wax Job.

Anonymous said...


srk said...

If it smells like fish, leave it on the dish.

If it smells like cologne, leave it alone.

Turd Lips said...

If it shmell like a Neg Grow, Cap da Muddafugga.