Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alan's news IS good, MINE is GREAT!!! I left the house on Wednesday morning, myself, my mom [otherwise and to be known as, Grammy Schteveo] , and my wife, Mrs. Schteveo, all headed to Virginia Beach, for our older son's Navy Retirement Ceremony.  The ceremony on Thursday afternoon was the FRIGGIN' bomb!!!  I've seen one or two previously, this was ALL the bells and whistles, he opted for all the ceremony he could get.  And, as his C.O. said, he's earned the Right to DEMAND that of the Navy, it's the only day, where service members CAN demand anything.

And, I guess you always see your kids, as your 'kids'.  The 'kid' in question is retiring after 20 years in the Navy, and his Captain took the day off, to do this ceremony.  [several of our son's buddies from the ship said he uuuuuusualllllllly doesn't do that, it was a rare occurence...that impressed all of us...]

The Captain just gushed about what a great job Petty Officer Schteveo's Son had done, and how much he'd be missed.  That was said while he was talking to us, NOT just in the ceremony, but, he repeated it then for all to hear him say.  But I digress...this story, is about, ME! we got into the hotel in Va Bch around 4:30, met our son there and about 5:30, we decided to go out to eat.  We went to Ruby Tuesday's, and I had two plates of salad and some of the Sampler Plates we got.  Left there, went to our sons house, 30 minutes later, I thought I was getting indigestion.  I asked for and got a big glass of water.  Still couldn't put out the fire, then....I get this dull ache, in my Left arm pit.

I asked my sons and his buddy, "Is it closer to the firehouse, or a hospital from here?"

Turns out the firehouse is just blocks away, so we called for an ambulance.  2:58 seconds after the phone call started, they were in the drive way.  Our son's room mate, was STILL on the phone with the dispatcher when the EMT's got there.

They took me to the E/R in Va Bch,, I had a mild heart attack. 

It was so small, it didn't even show on the EKG's they ran, but the 'enzymes' that are the tell tales were there.  Luckily, I have lots of blood drawn, so there was a path of blood samples on me, going back many, many years.  I managed to scare the EEEE-mortal-SHIZT out of Mrs Schteveo and Grammy Schteveo.  But I knew what was happening the whole time, and I didn't EVER say heart attack to them.  I let the medical types and EMT's do that.

So, I had a cardiac catheterization, on Friday.  

They opened up one artery that had been 80% closed.  There was another one that was [his term, not mine] so old, that he couldn't get a stent through the 10% opening.  So that's MY fun for the weekend!  Anybody else top that crap ola'?!
There a whole lot of stuff that happened with the idiots in the Va Bch E/R, but suffice it to say, that I'm not on their invitation list for the Yearly Satisfied Customer Luncheon.  Screw 'em!


Red Head said...

Saturday night went skinny camping with done chicky poos. But a Scorpion dying the tip of my dick before I could have any fun.

Schteveo said...

you are one TWISTED indee-vij-yooal!

Cowpill said...

Schteveo, I am glad you are feeling better.

Sober Poots said...

Drunkken Swyping. Not Pretty. POOTS, you should be ashamed.

BOW said...

My Monday sucked big time yours was worse. But it's not over yet.

Camping Scout Poots said...

No scorpion sting to the tip of yer Dick I trust?

Had to make this one bitch suck the poison out. Whole situation was starting to look up but then she swallowed the venom and died before I blew chow in her mouth.

Spider said...

80% blocked? I had you beat by 20% bud. Yep, 100% blockage. They told me i beat the Medical Examiner by about 25 minutes. I'm glad you walked away in one piece.

Much congrats to your son and what is i'm sure, his very proud family. Now bring him home and get him a gun.


Well l got up at 4:30 and hit the health club. Feel like in gonna die. Need a few Buds to offset all the goodness my body absorbed. Dick is still swollen though.

Schteveo said...

Thanks to all of you, I appreciate your feelings for me. But I am fine, just gotta move forward now.

Poots, you STILL haven't told us if the scorpion died, so, WTF bro!?

Spider, I'm pretty damned lucky on the whole here, given my family history. MY Pop,[grandfather] had two attacks, one at 60, he was out of work a couple months, went back to work, retired at 65, died 8 months later with a heart attack. My dad had his first heart attack at around 42. Two more over the next two years, none serious. His heart trouble was mostly from self-imposed overwork [60 - 70 hrs a week] and a 3 - 4 pack a day habit mixed with a severe caffeine addiction. He had a septuple bypass done at 54 or 55. Pop, my dad now called Pop naturally, had his heart caths done every few years, stress tests every 4 until his death from Parkinsons at 72, he NEVER had another blockage.

So, maybe I'll get lucky.

My uncle, dad's only sibling, had a massive heart attack at 32 or 33, disabling him. He's had a couple bypasses, and has had a big aneurism that they can't fix, for at least 10 or 15 years. His son, my only male cousin, discovered that he had a leaking heart valve when he was in his late 30's, got it fixed with a synthetic valve. No other troubles luckily.

Which brings us to me and my crap. As of right now, I'm good, better in fact than at supper last Wednesday night.

So hang the hell ON. I'm not sure whereTF I'm going after this. But having dodged a bullet, I may just make a target of myself in this world, I just haven't started looking for who MY target is...YET!!!

chronos the wonder pig said...

so Steveo-, you did remember all of us here at Annie's in your will, right?

Snorpht Swollen Cock said...

After the scorpion bit my dick it got so drunk from my BAL that it staggered across the road with out looking and got run over by a member of Sheriff Joes Posse.

114 / 62 Hg @ 57 BPM Poots said...

2 Aspirin and a 12er of Bud a day mixed with a Blow Job first thing before you get out of bed on Sunday morning and you can live till you're 100.

Throw in capping a couple Liberals every week to keep the blood pressure in check and you'll never die.

Schteveo said...

I have a VERY simple Will, handwritten, witnessed by two of my friends, all done 4 years ago.

Mama gets it ALL. Except some small things that go to my sons. So, having said that, I guess you can have my clothes, or my shoes or something. I've got a winter jacket, that would make a nice double sized winter sleeping bag for 'regular' sized folks! Or it could be a tent for 2 or 3 smaller Boy Scouts.