Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Human Gene Pool

Since Adam and Eve, the terms "male and female" have served to describe the difference between the two genders. God made sure it wasn't very confusing. Then came (political correctness) which teaches that male and female no longer suffice since those terms do not recognize the aberrations that have been added to the human gene pool. Now we have, "LGBTXYZ", and whatever other letters they've added to cover the assortment of freaks that keep surfacing.

Now, from the Bizarro World, (a.k.a. Mexifornia) comes a new classification. "IT". That's right, IT. Apparently, an (it) is someone (or something) who "refuses to identify as either male or female"! Even among the wild animals on the African plain, this kind of lunacy is not tolerated, as most wild animals will kill an aberration, even of their own species. Obviously, we're not that advanced.

Is this young "thing" some kind of birth abnormality, or just the product of ultra-liberal parents? A look at (it's) name might provide a clue. This story also makes it quite clear that, 1) whatever type of filtering system we're using on the human gene pool, is clearly not working, and 2) perhaps mandatory abortions are not always bad...


Schteveo said...

OK, let ME ask...WHY was it WRONG to say 'IT' when speaking of non-heterosexuals a few years ago?

But now, 'IT' is the preferred naming convention, all because CALIFORNIA says so?

But here's the ULTIMATE question, is the 'IT' going to become the NEW 'N' Word, will only those IN the club, get to use the 'IT'?

Rosie O'Donnel can say 'IT', Gay Adult Dougie Howser can say 'IT', but otherwise it's gonna be the difference in guys like George Wallace or Lester Maddox yelling "NIGGER!", instead of some Hip Hop. B'ball playin', ball cap sittin' flat' side ways clown 'singin' it!!

Spider said...

Probably so, which proves that we apparently have (two) First Amendments. The things (they) are allowed to say, which is anything and everything, and the things (we) are allowed to say, which is closely monitored.

Personally, i prefer simplicity and accuracy. Queers have always been (it's) to me, and niggas always be niggas. Anyone offended by that, can EAT ME!

The FingerPoot said...

Yer sounding like me more every day Shpidie.

Quill O'Writes said...

Just today my daughter told my of 2 "Q's". "Queer" and "Questioning". I find all of this "quonfusing" at best

Gene pool or Green pool? said...

z Just felt something warm on my leg.


Pat said...

So much for the IT department

Welcoming Committee Snorpht said...


Didn't you used to be on Sat Nite Live?

And who is this ' IT' you speak of?

Ed Zachery said...

Pat It

Poot said...

Pat it
Lap it
Jerk it

What's the Big FUCKING Differance?