Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thankgiving My Friends!

It's a few minutes after midnight, making it Officially, Thanksgiving Day.

So, ya'll drive safely.

Don't eat too much.

Definitely, DON'T pull for the Lions tomorrow afternoon afternoon.

And finally, Happy Thanksgiving to All of You, from all of us HERE, at Fort Schteveo!

And we'll see you in a day or two, or however long it takes to get over the turkey and carbs hangover!!


blue said...

happy thanksgiving, you turkeys

Gobbbler said...

EAT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goobbbler said...

BLOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F Z said...

Ram It
Ram It
Ram It

RammmmIt Up Yer Poop Shoot

blue said...

nice to see nothing has changed here

Spider said...

I hope all the members of our little gang had a great day with their families. I know i did, even though i had to drive to NJ. But, as always, it was surely worth it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gnu Joizie?


Gag. Snort. Chordle. and Choke.

Pink Pooter Shooter said...

Out Black Friday shopping for a pink .22 for the kid. She's 10 now and needs to start training with something better than s range rental. This will be the first 22 I ever owned.

My AR is 5.56..
also bought that CRKT pocket knife I think it was Alan that suggested. Seems nice.

Anonymous said...

Now that's real love.

Pink Poots said...

Practicality NannerMous.

She can't shoot my 45s so she doesn't want to go out to the desert. Now my wife can go her way and me and the kid go ours. Just too bad the .22 won't set off Tannerite. I see a 5.56 in her future after she sees some go off.

alan said...

I'm late answering. Been really busy.
We had all of the kids & grandkids down for Turkey day. Probably the last time that will ever happen. It was great though.

Moving one daughter and son-in-law back in mid-December after Graduation. they were able to get rid of their apartment, but no job yet. on the Happy side, he is flying out to D.C. for an interview next week.

but turkey day was great....I'm just trying to figure out what this white fluffy stuff is in my front yard. Usually it is cottonwood seeds that get blown all over in the palm trees. This stuff melts and turns to water.