Monday, November 11, 2013

When In Rome,...

 "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em..."

Remember that old saying? Well, i've got a better one,

"if you can't beat 'em, copy their deceptive tactics, then beat 'em..."

Here's one Conservative who's caught onto the Left's tactics, and won! BRAVO!


Sun Tzu Poot said...

If you can't beat'm. Fuck'm

If you can't Fuck'm.........


Schteveo said...

HOW is that ANY different than ALL the rat fuck RINO assholes who run as "X" candidate, then vote with the Democrats all the fucking time, or who change parties, like Jim Jefforrds, so the party they REALLY align with, can keep the power!?

This candidtate sent out the same kind of half-truth, mis-implied shit the DNC has been sending since they snowed Americans with the New Deal. BUT because it was a (R) doing it and NOT a (D), it's wrong.


If they didn't do their homework enough to look into the candidate, it's THEIR fault, not the candidates. A few years ago, and naturally I can't find it now, there was a similar case out West somewhere. There was a candidate who had flyers printed up with a 'mistake' on the flyer. I don't remember if the voting date was wrong on a re-voting date or if the month was wrong or what. But he was 40% ahead in the polls, then lost by 3%, on a very LOW turnout election. When the mistake was found, he wanted the PRINTER to be held responsible for the cost of him getting the voting to be held again. He actually took it to court, saying 'his' supporters were 'mislead' about WHEN to vote.

The judge who heard the plea, threw it out, because ALL the responsibility for PROOFREADING on printed materials falls in the wheelhouse of the person who contracted for the printing, and the person who drew up the flyers!

I wish I'd thought of this!

And I don't Mean Krabby Patties Eider said...

Ok Then lETS hAVE AT IT!!!!!

wE'LL all go up to Sedona and Kick MoonBeam McCain in da ballz. Den we fuck sum Vortex hippy chicks, steal deyr chrystals and come home wit da massive case of da Fuel Oil resistant Krabs.