Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Funny

I learned just this VERY afternoon, that for EVERY Christmas Song or Christmas Carol that gets played before Thanksgiving, an Elf drowns a Baby Reindeer!!!

Ho, Ho, Ho and a big kiss my ass, to all the marketing assholes who think the Christmas Sales Season begins, on the day after Halloween!


Ho Fukking Ho Pootz said...

Dude Costco had shit the day after Labor Day.

Spider said...

I'm surpried they don't start on the 4th of July!

Merry Ol St Poots said...

Just wait, it's coming.

Getting ready to go to a regional USPSA pistol meet at Rio Salado in a few. Not going to shoot this one, but see what goes on and if it looks like I can hang, maybe the next. People will be here from all over the country..... and more.

Anonymous said...

Send us some pics of any hot chicks you might see, assuming there are any hot chicks in AZ.

srk said...

Even Crazy Eddie waited until August

Schteveo said...

Send pics of chute chicks with guns too.

Wait, that didn't come out right!!

What I meant was, get some pics, of chicks holding their guns. Aw, shit, never mind, I'll get my own chick pics, gun pics, chicks with gun pics!

Spider said...

You know he doesn't take good pics after 10 or 12 beers.