Friday, November 22, 2013

I just LOST a really good, quite long Opinion Piece!!! GD'it!!!

I wrote AND edited a really BRILLIANT piece about the MSM's coverage of  the 50th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the 50th Anniversary of the day that President Kennedy was assassinated.  I hate that it's gone as it was fucking brilliant!

I'm NOT going to re-write it, but I will hit the high spots.

The MSM seems to be taking a very different view of JFK over the last few weeks, one that they'd seemingly LOST over the last 25 years or so.  They all but skipped over the 50th of both Pearl Harbor Day and D-Day, but for some reason, they're rehabilitating Kennedy this last week, and truthfully.

It can't be that they of the MSM, are seeing that by backing the hyper-Liberal idiot fringe Dems for the last 50 years that they've SCREWED all of us, can it?

As I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning and he interviewed an author named Ira Stoll, who has written a book named, "JFK, Conservative".  Stoll has the view of Kennedy that I always argued FOR, the guy raised around business people, who volunteered for hazardous duty when all his rich, NE peers wimped out stateside, the JFK who ran a low dollar, hand-shaking campaign for his first House Seat.

The JFK who would probably be siding with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul on monetary policy, the military and our borders, but would NOT be anywhere near agreeing with the current holder of the Oval Office on ANYTHING.  Go read some of the Quotes, they're pretty remarkable for a 'Democrat', given how we see them now.  Or better still, how they see themselves.

Last but not least, as I was looking for / at some Kennedy quotes on the interwebs, and I guess I can see why plenty of Communists or followers of Communist thought would have wanted him DEAD.  He was ABSOLUTELY dead set against any system but the American System of Free Enterprise, Free Speech and Capitalism.  He thought the laws ALREADY on the books, gave minorities ALL the protections they needed.  And he thought that Americans could or WOULD do whatever was required to make the World a safe place to live, and he thought we'd ONLY get there via a strong military and strong national economy.

I wonder again today, as I have over a few of these Anniversaries, just how much WAS killed in Dallas Texas in November 22, 1963, besides just that one, singular man?  What COULD he have done?



Spider said...

What could we have done? Well, in a perfect world, we could have put LBJ in the back seat of that limo. That one move would have saved the country endless pain, struggle, and money. It may have also kept us out of Viet Nam. I've always been of the opinion that they shot the wrong guy that day in Dallas. But, then again, that was the plan.

Now that everybody and their sisters are talking about JFK, most are saying that by todays standards, he would be viewed as a conservative, even though he held many liberal social views, but nothing like the views held by todays liberals. A look at todays Demoncrats proves that point. Back in those days, Demoncrats were not nearly as far to the Left as today.

Of course, what they're (not) talking about is his penchant for screwing every female who came into range, and how his bootlegger daddy, along with the Chicago mob, bought him the WH.

Schteveo said...

Well partner, IF there's a simple choice between an effective, Moderate, fiscally responsible, security minded, strong willed Democrat with a hard dick he can't keep in his pants, and the other choice is kind of Democrats OR Republicans we get NOW...fuck on Mr. Kennedy, fuck on!

That whole thing about the POTUS often being a horny bastard, goes hand in hand with most ANY man with the strength and drive to achieve that job. The same goes for CEOs, CFOs, Governors, Generals and Admirals, you name it....those guys are often that way. BUT knowing that, doesn't make me question there abilities when they are 'at work'.

As for the Mob THAT any worse than the 'connections' Obama has to the Illinois Democrats? In my mind, the Mob are honest businessmen, compared to the Control Freak, Power Mad Socialists in the IL Dem crowd!

The Mob wants freedom bud, or at least enough for all of us to be able to buy or numbers tickets, a little weed and the occasional sports bet. If it was up to the Lib Hand-Wringers, most sports that were 'dangerous' would be outlawed. Horse and dog racing would definitely go away.

I used to think that Kennedy was more to the Left than his words, actions, Admin. policies and his Congressional voting record shows. But that guy on GB the other day said that's the 'image' a couple of his Staff guys started putting out just as soon as he was in the ground. Once again, radical, Leftys 'massaging' history so it fits their view of the World, and their needs.

Lenin and Stalin would be quite proud, I'm betting.

Oddly, he was AS anti-Communist as anyone was then. Now the people he didn't like CALL themselves Dems.

Spider said...

I agree.

Munky Capper said...

Waste of a perfectly good Lee Harvey Oswald. Now when wee really need one, we're out of stock.

Where'd I put those welding glasses? said...

Well, one consolation now after Lurch gave Iran $8B to complete their ThermoNoox is that right after they vaporize Israel, DC and NYC should be only minutes behind. Hopefully Rodmans BFF KJU will oblige us by sterilizing SanF and LA as well and all will begin to be right with the world......... After we kill all the French, of course.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Muslims

Anonymous said...

What, you gonna let the Irish off the hook? Those river dancing fucking Gingers.

Sheep Back Up said...

By now you should know to back everything up!