Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Lest we forget...


Spider said...

Here's a fact that should make every (real) American sick. We have become a nation that takes (far better) care of it's welfare and illegal parasites then it does it's combat vets. And that is a national disgrace.

Cowpill said...


Schteveo said...

I'm not 'denying' their numbers, BUT how many of these folks are getting this simply because our economy is in the shitter, and they CAN'T find a job?

My younger son just went back to work in August, as a mechanic, after 2 years of school, after losing his blasting job in 2008. He's only making 1/3 what he made as a blaster, and if his crowd wasn't living here with us, they'd certainly be eligible for a ton of benefits.

So, it's NOT that he's not getting "X" from the V.A., or whomever that he 'should' get. It's just this economy that the current Boob in Chief and his Predecessor created, that is holding him back from making enough money to lift him over the 'cap'.

I'm not sure who wrote this or what the 'angle' is, but I think it's a 'figures don't lie, but liars can figure' story. What makes me sick, is how manipulated the economy is day to day.

Blade Dude POOt=T said...

Yo Calling all ORPHANS:

Poots is looking for a pocket knife.

Looking for 3.75 - 4.25" blade (stainless - black).

Drop nose blade with some but not more than 40% serration.

Tactical based with very competent spring assist.

Good locking mechanism.

May be a tac style metal housing with the hole drilled in etc or not.

Pocket clip.

Trying to keep this under $100. It's just a daily carry pocket knife. Not a Down-Under Alligator Killa Knoife.

Inny ub ya'll corn doggin country boys out der gots inny suggesstonz??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

alan said...

for Poots: CRKT Ryan, 6813 Taiwan steel. Easy one hand open with blade lock, 550 cord sized hole in handle. All steel. Includes a boot clip. right about 40% serration. Maintains a good edge. cuts through seatbelts like a champ, as well as providing lots of nicks & small cuts...that don't hurt much till later when you let air in.

On the topic....too much education. I am getting more and more doubtful that the local school district will hire me to, but they love me as a $70/day substitute. Which is fine for now. I already consider some of these kids as "mine" because I have such a wide range that I have taught them in multiple classes.

The intermediate school that I was at yesterday had an assembly for Veteran's day. It was pretty good. They told the kids to invite any veterans that they knew. The choir sang, the band & orchestra played, and a teacher recited "Flander's Fields".

At the end they asked all the veterans to stand and the student council presented them all with flag lapel pins. I was the only one standing in the teachers' section. One of my kids gave me my pin.

Only a few of the teachers know that I am a veteran. it was kind of cool, and humbling that another teacher came up afterwards...literally shedding tears to think that someone who has fought in a war, would want to come and teach "her" kids.

Sometimes it seems like lip service...and sometimes it is apparent that they really mean it.

Chicago Pootlery said...

Thanks Alan, I'll check it out.

FFing Poots said...

550 cord... as in parachute suspension lines. I cut a couple on my time

alan said...

yep....ah la Air Assault School & Load rigging school. 550 cord is the "parachute cord" that most people talk about. 7 nylon cords wrapped in a nylon sheath. Breaks at 550 lbs.

Schteveo said...

I got an e-mail from my sister-in-laws BOSS for me and my sons. He said he would have done it before, but he didn't know we were veterans.

I blame my sister-in-law!

B A S E Pootz said...

They're using Kevlar reinforcement now to make them thinner and it packs smaller. Rigs have gotten Soooo compact and flyable in the last 10 years.

Plus expensive. Used to be you could gear up top shelf for under $2K - Main, Reserve, custom Container & Jumpsuit -- the works. Now a decent Main runs $3500 to start. DOn't matter, to busy, old and broke.

Schteveo said...

..I'll ask, with ALL the things / ways there are to get an adrenalin 'buzz', WHY would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?!! I mean, seriously, WTF is wrong with you?

You've got a TON of guns, why not just play Russian Roulette?

Spider said...

I always got more of a rush jumping a couple of young chicks.

Pooter Pooper said...

First, there is no such thing as a PERFECTLY good airplane.
Second, With the guns I have, Russian Roulette would be a one click game. I "survived" almost 5000 skydives.
Third, Shpidie, When exactly WAS the last time you jumped a couple Young Chicks? I'm guessing not in this decade.... or the last.

Schteveo said...

...that was cold Poots.

88 Degrees Poots said...

I'll start warming up this time tomorrow. Right about HH.

88 Degrees Poots said...

I don't warm up till Friday at HH time.