Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Federal money, ALREADY in a 'bucket'!

Anyone see a problem with that statement?

This morning someone knocked on my front door, a very rare occurrence indeed. My grandson looked out the front window and said it was a guy in a blue truck. I looked and thought it was a local farmer from one road over, Mr John my local goat guy, but this truck was blue, not silver. As always, I got my pistol and went out to see what 'the guy' wanted.

He attempted to mount the steps, but I gave him a hand movement telling him to stand his ground. He then tried to hand me a brochure.

Says I, "I'm not donating to anything, I'm not buying anything, I'm good thanks, have a good day!"

This jack hole then proceeds to tell me, "...but this is a free program, for you to get a free inspection of your house, to see if you need any insulation or energy saving things for your home..."

"...but I already said I don't want anything, we're good..."

"...but you don't understand, it's Federal money, ALREADY in a 'bucket' waiting for people to take it!"

"I already told you, we're good here...", and I walked back inside.

And the longer I thought about it, the madder I got...GET. Can ANYONE in this day and age be THAT stupid, that foolish or that shortsighted? We're borrowing BILLIONS of dollars a day, and this pin headed pea brain actually goes out telling people the Feds have money in a bucket.
UPDATE: a few minutes later.

I'm a history buff, most likely because I am and always have been an information junky.  I've been watching stuff today about the NASA Moon missions.  And you can't look at that stuff and NOT see JFK, it simply can't be done.  And, Conservative, registered Republican that I am,  every time I hear some dick weed like 'the guy' telling me how I can get free stuff FROM the government, Jack Kennedy's words start banging around in my head.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

How and more importantly, WHY did we get away from that kind of thinking? 



Cowpill said...

You should have shot him, at least the birds would get fed.

Schteveo said...

Why poison the birds, they never hurt anyone!

Spider said...

I posted a comment for this yesterday, but it somehow disappeared, so i'll try again.

I have an x-partner who lives in Margate, FL. Two years ago, a guy knocked on his door and said the same thing as Steve's guy. And my partner reacted the same way Steve did, except with a bigger gun. But wait.

My buddy sees his neighbor the next day and tells him the story. The neighbor says the guy was legit, and that it was about a govt. program that will repair or replace "anything" in your house, whether it needed it or not! Unknown to my partner, many of the people in the area cashed in on this deal. That's all my partner needed to hear. He calls the guy and gets him to come back, which he does.

Here's the bottom line. It was a govt. program and it said, my partner could get $40K to fix, replace, add anything he wanted in, on, or around his home! They would supply all the labor and material. The catch? You couldn't sell your house for 7 years after the work was done.

He got a new central AC system, two new bathrooms, a new garage door and floor, and a new water heater, plus. (i was there and saw the work being done) The govt. guy would/did inspect every single thing that was done. Any problems? Do it over again. That was two years ago and my partner is still laughing!