Monday, January 14, 2013

Military Pay raise

It's official.  We knew it was coming, but didn't know exactly how it would look.   Now we do.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 getting paid for 28 years of service.

2013 pay raise:  $122/month (comes to between $0.38-$0.51 per hour)
2013 raise in taxes (FICA & tax on the $122 raise): $160

Best part is, and please don't forget, ......

If you draw a military pension, when you are eligible for SS, your pension is reduced by that amount, dollar for dollar....effectively telling your retired service members that they are expected to sacrifice for the greater good by contributing to SS, but they never get to draw from it.


Anonymous said...

And all of that means, one has to be a complete fool to serve.

Spider said...

We all know what's coming from the Left re: our guns. But i wonder if we all know just how far they are going to go.

As i've said before, the Left has been trying to disarm America for generations. Now, using those poor kids in CT., they see a terrific opportunity to go for broke. This assault will not end. It will not let up, and there is no republican opposition for them to worry about. Here is a sample of what the Leftist loons in CT. are going for;

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That the general statutes be amended to establish a class C felony offense, except for (certain) military and law enforcement personnel and certain gun clubs, for;

(1) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate, transport, possess or use any gun except one made to fire a single round,

(2) any person to fire a gun containing more than a single round,

(3) any person or organization to receive from another state, territory or country a gun made to fire multiple rounds, or

(4) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate or possess a magazine or clip capable of holding more than one round..."

Schteveo said...

Gee, anon, I guess no one said this yet so I'll say it, how about you kiss MY foolish ass, my dad's, my grandfather's, one of my only two uncle's, both my son's, and most likely 3 of my 5 grandson's and 3 of my 5 nephews!

Most of us serve out of the feeling of responsibility first and family traditions second. But that kind of crap hangs in my throat. If NONE of us served, WTF would YOUR life be like? Do you think you'd have the life you NOW have? And don't pounce back with any shit about plenty of other countries are as 'free' as we are.

A.) that's BS.

B.) name ONE 'free' country that has NO military!

If that's the way you feel, I suggest you find somewhere else to comment on the issues of the day.


they can try all they want, I just can't WAIT to see WHO they're going to get to enforce those laws.

Spider said...

Don't be fooled bud. When the law is on paper, they'll enforce it. They might not like it, but they will enforce it.

Schteveo said...

I don't buy it.