Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To Your Health?

So, you go to your doctor for an exam and he/she starts asking you questions about if you have any guns at home, what types and how many. Does that sound crazy, even illegal? Well, not any more. Not in today's Amerika.

Personally, i have been under the care of a dermatologist for several months. She's a Filipino doctor and a really nice person. One day, while waiting for her to come into the exam room, i noticed her laptop which was open and on. There on the screen was my file, showing all the usual stuff, name, DOB, etc. At the bottom of the screen i noticed a comment which read, "patient armed ". And while it's true that i never go anywhere in NYC without my trusty and always concealed Colt, it's pretty hard to keep it covered when you have to remove your shirt for an exam.

When she was finally done, i asked why that comment would be in my file. She stated she was "required " to note it. I asked, by whom was she required. She said, "by the law ". Of course i asked "what law", but she said she wasn't sure, and left the room. Now this was last month, (before) Obummer's gun-control show today, but (after) Obamacare when into effect. Apparently, it was sneaked into that law, along with a whole bunch of other stuff we have yet to find out about. This may explain why the cretins on msnbc and other Leftists are now saying this whole gun issue should be part of the national "health" conversation.

Health? What do guns and health have to do with each other? Actually, nothing. But, if the Left is able to make guns a health issue, it gives them "far more" power and authority to do what they want to do. As i've said, DO NOT underestimate the enemy!


Anonymous said...

What's that sound we hear growing louder with each passing moment? Could it be outraged sovereign individuals mustering for a second American Revolution?.... Hopefully.

Schteveo said...

they asked my wife that when she checked into the hospital recently. Luckily, Mrs. Schteveo is smart enough to tell them it was none of their business!

Revolution Poot said...

Some Dr is going to need his steth removed from his asshole if that comes out.

Spider said...

So it wasn't just me?

Schteveo said...

Hell no it wasn't just you.

My primary doc is a great guy. And he's always got my back, so when I started carrying daily, I asked him if he or the practice mngt had a problem with or policy of no guns in the office. Not only do they not have a policy, one of his other patients is a 5'2", female CCH / Gun Safety Instructor who carries TWO guns all the time, so my ONE pistol is no biggy to him.

Even after I asked him that, over 4 years ago, one of the nurses on staff told me it's 'office policy' to not carry there. So one my next visit I asked him AGAIN, and once again he said they have NO policy of refusing guns in the office or asking patients about guns in the office. So I continue to carry and IF [when] she says something again, I'll call the practice manager and rat her out.

[not that I care if she gets in trouble, she's bitchy all the time anyway]

Anonymous said...

Is this site fcuked-up again?

blue said...

let's declare Afghanistan a "gun free" zone & see how that works out

BOW said...

Anon- yes
Bloo- Great idea! That should end all war!