Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Questioning the MSM

I know that on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, CT. something happened. 

I'm 90% sure there was a mass shooting. 

Beyond that, all I know is rhetoric, BS, political positioning and accusation.  We've talked, in the past, about the effectiveness, truthfulness of the MSM.
And before I go on, let me say that I am NOT a conspiracy type. But a professor in Florida, James Tracy, says about what we all have. 'Something' happened, but WhoTF knows what it really was.
A communication professor known for conspiracy theories has stirred controversary at Florida Atlantic University with claims that last month's Newtown, Conn., school shootings did not happen as reported — or may not have happened at all.

Moreover, James Tracy asserts in radio interviews and on his memoryholeblog.com. that trained "crisis actors" may have been employed by the Obama administration in an effort to shape public opinion in favor of the event's true purpose: gun control.
"As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shooting continue to be assessed and interpreted by independent researchers, there is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends," writes Tracy, a tenured associate professor of media history at FAU and a former union leader.
The article isn't much longer than that, but the Comments are WELL worth reading.  And his blog is, uh, interesting!


Spider said...

Funny, i read that story this morning. While it does sound a bit off-the-wall, today, in what this country has become, anything is possible. And who was it that said, "the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it"? (clue: A.H.)

I've never been the trusting type, and as i get older i'm getting worse.

Schteveo said...

See, you're ahead of me by a few years, I think, but we're on the same path. I'm going with the old thing about, I don't believe anything, I'm told and only half, of what I'm shown...

It's too easy to trick the eye with the 'way' the news is reported.

Did you ever see the movie, "Wag the Dog"? i didn't trust the media much before that, I didn't trust them at ALL after seeing it.