Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who knew that Irony's last name was Carville!?

Over the years, we've seen those on the left Tweet, Twing, Twiddle, Text and E-Mail that some Right Side name in the news should die, get some horrible disease, their daughters should be raped, sons should be emasculated, blah, blah, blah.  
And during or after these attacks, there is NEVER anyone who says the tweeters should cool it. Or that  the e-mailers should stop and think, before attacking the attackees.  OpEd pages or news stories will make note of the evildoers, but no one EVER says it should stop.
However, James Carville is upset at the people who questioned the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton's medical state during her recent concussion scare.  It seems that Mr. Carville thinks those who 'questioned' if she'd actually been hurt as being 'inhuman'.  He can't imagine why they think that way.
So questioning the concussion and near disappearance of the United States Secretary Of State, who was gone for the better part of two weeks, is inhumane.

But HOPING that George Herbert Walker Bush dies a horrible death, goes unanswered.

Calling Sarah Palin's teen daughter a slut, and her Down Syndrome child a retard, goes unanswered.

Tweeting that you hope Mitt Romney's wife get cancer again, goes unanswered.

I could go on, but you've seen and read the stupidity I'm talking about.  And as I don't tweet, I'll just BLOG that I hope Carville and his ilk live long, healthy lives, die peacefully in their sleep and go to their just rewards.  And only God knows what those rewards are.


Cowpill said...

I would love to slap him like a bitch

Spider said...

As i've said many times, the reason leftists say these things, (and they do mean them) is because they know there's no come-back from the Right. The Left has their verbal bomb-throwers, and the Right has people who insist on playing by the rules even though that tactic keeps them in the loss column.

All Carville (and the rest of the Left) is doing is proving that a good offense is the best defense, especially when dealing with weak and gutless republicans and conservatives. They all know that Hitlary's "concussion" story is total bullshit meant to buy time. (see: cover-up) And, as usual, they expect their MSM to convince the sheeple that it's all one big coincidence. And, as usual, the mindless people will buy that crap. Remember Vince Foster?

While she was MIA, i would love to know how many WH "advisors" and lawyers were preping her for that "possible" appearance before congress, as if she would have something to worry about from this congress.

There's nothing new here. Demoncrats keep using the same old left-wing tactics simply because, thanks to the totally gutless republicans, they still work.

Schteveo said...

They're about as Offensive as it could get, in my mind anyway.

Spider said...

You're right Steve, but do you see anyone stopping them or making them pay a price for the things they say and do?

Schteveo said...

Only after the current crowd of Lefty trouble makers are swinging from lamp posts, by their feet.