Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well, maybe fat chicks are more dangerous!

Male members of a jury are more likely to find a defendant guilty if the accused person is an overweight female.
According to a recent study by Yale University psychologists, male – and not female – jurors are also more inclined to believe that a fat woman is a repeat offender who had malicious intent.

The researchers gathered a group of 471 pretend peers of varying body sizes and described to them a case of check fraud. They also presented them with one of four images—either a large man, a lean man, a large woman, or a lean woman—and identified the person in the photograph as the defendant.

Participants rated the pretend-defendant’s guilt on a five-point scale. No fat bias was present when the female pretend peers evaluated the fake female defendants or when either men or women assessed the guilt of the men.

But when the male pretend peers pronounced judgment on the fake female defendants – physical bias weighed in on their decision.

The skinnier male jurors took the accusations to a step further.

The male pretend jurors were proven to be “significantly more likely” to find the obese female defendants—rather than the slim ones—guilty, but the slimmer male participants were the harshest, frequently labeling the fat women “repeat offenders” with “awareness” of their crimes.
It hasn't been that any years ago that I read that MALE jurors were more likely to find FEMALE defendants guilty.  So basically white people pick on minorities and white guys pick on anybody who isn't a white guy.

Oh brother, do I have a BUNCH of questions on THIS 'study'!

First and foremost, WHEN oh when will anyone EVER do a study to see if NON-WHITE people have any skin color, weight, language, ass width, red car vs brown car, educated vs HS drop out, WTF ever bias!? 

Why are these GD 'studies' always aimed at just HOW MUCH white people suck?!  OK we suck, and every other color, race creed and non-heterosexual leaning is head and shoulders above us on every possible scale.  Remember that the next time you stick a bucket, boot or hat in front of a WHITE person, because usually we don't suck when it comes to supporting or bailing out non-white people around the world who are invariably in need.
Schteveo is havin' a bad day!  And this didn't help!!

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