Friday, January 18, 2013

Which Way Would They Go?

My good buddy Schteveo and i have often kicked a question around here. That being, "in the event of a large-scale uprising by the people to take their country back,  with whom would the military stand " ?

I've been around a while, and never in my life did/could i ever even think of asking such a question. But, these are very different days. This is no longer the America i grew-up in. The Marxist-in-Chief said he would "transform" America, and unfortunately, he has. Sadly, the American people had neither the will, brains, strength, or the interest, to demand that he tell them what "transform" actually meant. They were foolish enough to think that the "change" that was promised is always good and always for the better. Obviously, it is not.

Now, seeing how our children are being indoctrinated every day that they attend one of the government schools, mostly by "educators" who are, for the most part, agents of the far-left, can/is the same thing being done to our young and future warriors? Just what are the people who this nation will need to rely on for it's defense being taught? Have even hallowed places like West Point been taken over? Is America truly being destroyed from within? IMHO, the clear answer is, yes! 


BOW said...

We are doomed

Schteveo said...

I'll answer your question simply Spider, from someone with contacts STILL in the military.

We currently have THE most right-wing military we've had since August of 1945. The reason is simple, it's ALL voluntary.

While we did have draftees during WWII, many guys volunteered early, or were too young at "X" point of the war, and as they came of age, they got drafted. Or as the needs of the military changed, older men were drafted too. But the draftees then weren't anti-war either, they wanted to support the country also.

That's where we are now again.

The military academies are always all volunteer. In fact there are always more candidates than seats, so we usually get the best of the best of the best, SIR! [name that movie quote, movie geeks] Anyway, the enlisted guys are all volunteer too. Army records say that the last draftee to retire left in 2011. But he'd been on active duty for 39 years, 37 of which were VOLUNTARY.

Our military today is better educated [at least a HS diploma, draftees did not need that] better trained [there's not a job category left that doesn't have technical aspects] better physically trained [they have higher physical standards] and THE most important thing in my mind, the GRAND majority signed up, or stay in, because they WANT to defend the country. They know there's fighting going on and yet they still volunteer.

Yes I know that no organization is 100% loyal. Yes i know that no organization is immune to traitors, or in the computer age, no group is immune to 'wikileakers'. But we're peopled with loyal men and women. That's my 'pedigreeing' of the modern U.S. Military. Now comes the part I know first hand, that I don't look up online.

Our men and women have BEEN talking about posse comitatus, and gun round ups since at least 2002. I know this from what my sons and there buds have been talking about. We know from family and friends that Jr Officers, paygrades of O-1, O-2 and O-3, were talking about this as far back as the FIRST assault weapons ban, so 1994 to 2004, which overlaps my sons dates.

Our guys are taught to uphold the Constitution. And NOT the way Congress 'says' they will. Our military gets up everyday looking for the bad guys. And trust me, they know WHO the bad guys are. And a Baghdad or Riyadh addx is no different than a Chevy Chase MD addx when they stack good guys vs bad guys.

Our military has decided WAY before this was posted, that they will NOT become the force for disarming the country Spider says the police are way too PC to NOT do this in many instances. That might be the case in many places. But the military isn't an LEO PCized group. There is a PC aspect to the military, but it's small and it's not in charge.

The people who would do the round ups, know who the 'politician' soldiers and sailors are. They'll be moved aside, and may possibly be under un-official house arrest, so they won't be a problem if gun grab orders come down. The other problem would be, do they arrest themselves first!?

Many of the military guys and gals ARE gun people too. So, unlike the anti-gun politicians [or DoD appointees under Obumble's care] they've got markers in the game.

Just like liquor during Prohibition, guns now are in the hands of the COPS and military personnel too. They like their guns, the don't want to give up their guns, so they'll push back on gun grabs.

And finally, if you will recall, it took an Amendment to the Constitution to halt alcohol sales and manufacturing. There won't be a anti-gun Amendment because there's no support for it, so it would have to bee some sort of semi-legal gun grab that the WH would use. Orders based on semi-legal orders EVEN orders from the WH are NOT legal orders and as such, the Pentagon CAN ignore said orders.

Personally I think BHO backed up on his BS the other day because he was afraid of two things. Impeachment and lead poisoning!

alan said...

movie: The original "men in Black"

there are some libs in the military, balanced by a few far right extremists. The vast majority are somewhere in the middle, usually leaning east as they face north.

on a side note. The Jr. officer in our office came back late from lunch. When he was queried, he responded "you gotta check this out!" then came back in with a brand new .22 that he bought for his 7 y/o son. All was forgiven as it was passed around for inspection and critique by all.