Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yes, change. We were hearing that word every few seconds back in '08 when Obummer, (and the MSM) was working hard to (and did) con an entire nation. Is change always good, as the Marxist-in-Chief promised? Well, i've been around quite a while, and IMO, most of the social changes i've seen have not been good, nor have they been for the better. They have not made our country a better place, and IMO, have in most cases done just the opposite.

Speaking of change, suppose your kids came home from school speaking Arabic? And even worse, suppose their public school "forced " them to learn it? That's right. Forced them! If my grandkids in NJ came home speaking Arabic, i think Sam, their 90 lb. Yellow Lab would probably bite them! ( i taught him to dislike foreigners ;) 

So far, this is happening in Manhattan, a place that is arguably "the most " liberal spot in the country, if not the planet. But, since starry-eyed, bleeding-heart Obamunists can be found in most places within our education systems, things like this can easily spread if they're not stopped dead in their tracks...


Schteveo said...

They've put it on the same track of importance as Science and Music.

Two things or Arab / Muslim friends are WELL known for loving and promoting, especially the science. On days like these I'm SO glad my parents moved away from NY before I was born!

This of course in a school system that refused to 'force' Spanish speaking students to learn English! You can't 'allow' ANY prayer, but you can MANDATE Arabic Language Courses.

Where's the idiotoid ACLU when this is 'forced' on innocent students and their caring parents?

And just why is it they think Arabic is going to be at the top of the language heap? In fact, they should probably be teaching the Mandarin Chinese if they want them ready for the World of Tomorrow.

BOW said...

Spider- Again I think you give us New Yawkers way too much credit. Compared to many other urban centers around the country, NYC is much more conservative than they. You need to get out more.

Spider said...

My friend, i get out a lot, some say too much. There isn't an inch of this city i haven't spent time in, and yes, that includes Manhattan. And because of that, and other things, and with very few exceptions, (you among them) i no longer give New Yorkers credit for anything, especially those who live in Manhattan. And generally speaking, the only place left to find any conservatives (and Republicans) in NYC is on Staten Island, which is why they are usually ignored by the political crooks who run this city. As you well know, NYC's political life is controlled from, and by, Manhattan.

Manhattan's political make-up is widely known, and has been for a very long time. IMO, (and almost everyone else) it ranks right at the top of the list of left-wing mecca's with San Francisco. I've never been quite sure as to why that is, but it is.

As you know, the rest of NYC is now so filled with foreigners, mostly illegals, that it's difficult to tell where they stand politically. If they follow the pattern, they'll follow the hand that feeeds them. (ie> Demoncrats)

Goober said...

I guess I don't see the harm in learning Arabic, but it seems very silly to make it mandatory. When our public schools are struggling to produce kids that can do basic math and who can write a complete sentence, i think it may be over-reaching a little to throw a very difficult foreign language at them, to boot.

That being said, if they really wanted to teach them a language that is useful, I would submit that Chinese or Farsi would be much more useful than Arabic. Arabic is spoken far less widely than most people realize, and those people who speak arabic also almost all speak farsi or some other language, too.

(To those who don't know, Farsi is the language spoken in Iran and throughout a good portion of the middle east).