Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is Our America Dying?

When the Marxist-in-Chief said he was going to, "transform America ", could this be one of the things he really meant, aside from turning us into Venezuela North? When America becomes a nation of "minorities", and we're well on our way, which political party benefits? It's not the Republicans.

La Raza, the radical Marxist organization that claims to represent illegal aliens in our country has said that most of the southern part of the US, and all of Mexifornia, (if only they would take it ) actually belongs to Mexico, and that if it's not returned, they mean to "take it back "! Has it actually started? There are now major cities in Mexifornia that have large areas fully controlled by vicious street gangs of illegals! If you travel through many cities in the southern US, you'll find that most of the public officials are in fact, Mexican. Many can barely speak English, but that's not stopping them from accumulating political power. That power can, and will, change the political makeup of America. That means, people born here, especially White people, will have less and less to say. You will become a foreigner in your own country, or, what used to be your own country.

To the Demoncrats and the Left, minorities mean votes, which means political power to the party that caters to those minorities, ie. Demoncrats. And, as we all know, that political power means the ability to control the lives of everyone. This story should be a wake-up call to White Americans who, it seems, prefer to sit back and watch "reality" TV, rather than take and active and aggressive role in what's happening to their country. Then again, it just may be too late...


Schteveo said...

I want to be in TEXAS when the Mexicans try top take THAT back!

YKW said...

Transform.... That's Kenyian for ' FUCK UP', isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just more further proof Anyone who hate Barack Obama as President is a racist!

Look no further:

Even though the website states they KNOW Obama was born in the U.S., The stupid hateful racists don't believe it. Still spreading the lie of Obama being born in Kenya.

And the hate being called racist?!?!

First off, STOP the that BS "race card is worn out" talking point. You're disgusting denial of the obvious racism is so pathetic it makes me sick to my stomach. Racism IS still around, and YOU losers are keeping it alive by beating this dead horse.

Is it racist to ask for the President's birth certificate?!?! YES! IT! IS! espically when that has been answered OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Terrorist. No. Look up the definition and you will see he does not fit. He does not "...commit violent acts intended to create great fear in order to exert influence to reach a religious, political or ideological goal." He does sympathize with Muslim peoples who have been suppressed by Western colonial rulers in the past and by dictators now. Obama is NOT a terrorist.

Disgusting a-hole clling the President of the United States a terrorist!

You think Obama's policies are one step short of all-out Marxism? Please explain that. He did some Keynesian stimulus stuff (along with Bush and many other recent presidents), he did Obamacare (which preserves the private insurance market and which was very clearly reaching across the aisle to the republicans and away from the single-payer proponents on the left), he has kept taxes low and the size of government flat.

What has Obama done that is "one step short of all-out Marxism"?

So the stimulus isn't marxist because Bush and others did it too. Obamacare isn't marxist because it leaves in place the entire healthcare insurance food chain. Taxes remain historically low and government payrolls are low across the board, so no marxism there.

He's challenging some state laws, but Bush did the same thing (like when he pre-empted states that wanted to go after predatory mortgage lenders in the run-up to the collapse.) Obama is NOT a Marxist!

You people are dsgusting disgraces of Americans. You are not patriots. Never have been, never will be. All you are are Racists/Bigots/Extremists/Homophobic haters that will NEVER accept that an iltelligent Black Man is President of the United States Of America!

Cowpill said...

I am white therefor automatically a raceist Bigot. Bush was wrong. And Obama is now a Lieing marxist asshole.

your really going to have to do better than Nancy Pelosi's resume.

Schteveo said...

we think he is, you think he's not. You think you're right, we think we are.

The Drudge website is pointing out, as does the author at Breitbart, the push-pull of him changing the 'facts' about BHO's origins. But if you're looking for racists, did you write to the author of the article?

Or ask the agents WHY they felt it was necessary to point out that 'fact'. They couldn't say, AMERICAN guy [who happens to be non-white] looking for a book deal.
If you are going to make claims of racism in here, check your facts please.

Many of us were supporters of Herman Cain. I'm a huge supporter of and signed a petition trying to get Alan West to run.

Of course, most of the people who drop by here, think those two guys aren't 'black' enough and mostly because of their politics. But if it's not about skin color, then HOW is the HALF-black President, the first BLACK President? Shouldn't he be the first Mixed-Race President?

Spider said...

Steve, Mexas? You're a bit late bud.

I see someone left the door open and a Kool-Aid gulper has wondered in.

Anon 4:26 said:
"You are not patriots. Never have been, never will be. All you are are Racists/Bigots/Extremists/Homophobic haters that will NEVER accept that an iltelligent Black Man is President of the United States Of America!"

I don't usually respond to such obvious useful idiots, but i'm feeling charitable today. Actually, i would be "proud" to accept an "intelligent" (you spelled that wrong, but i'm just sayin) black man as my president.
1. Thomas Sowell
2. Alan West

The frustration and hate in your post most likely comes from knowing that the "outright" anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, racist, Marxist you voted for, and support, is in fact, "unworthy and unqualified to hold ANY public office. In this country, that is. Have him try Venezuela next time".


Spider said...

BTW, to our visiting useful idiot, here you can listen to your fake Marxist god, in his own words, telling you the truth, for once. Yes, i understand that truth to a Leftist is like sunlight to a vampire, but here it is anyway.

Schteveo said...

Jezzzus Spider, don't start throwing video with facts in it around our site. We'll be taken seriously and lose our standing as right-wing haters!!

Anonymous said...


A political organization whose leadership is so steeped in self-defeating ineptitude that they make a clown posse look like icons of organizational prowess...