Friday, May 18, 2012

Pricey Melons!

In Japan, Crap Times Means $12,000 Melons

Dark times, I tell you! Just look at what the best Japanese melons in Japan are going for. Dark times.
See, every year, top grade Yubari melons fetch astounding prices. The melons are lovingly grown in Hokkaido greenhouses. This year, the prices were somewhat less astounding (but still bonkers).

In 2008, two Yubari melons commanded ¥2.5 million (over US$30,000) and in 2007, two top grade melons fetched ¥2 million (around $25,000). But after the economy went south, so did the melon prices, hitting ¥500,000 ($6,000) for two top grade melons.
 The writer goes on to say that $12K is cheap.  Prices are down because of the economy!  And Americans have been accused of being money and possession crazy!!

I literally skipped 10K melon  / female anatomy jokes to keep this clean.


Iron Poots said...

Cheap compared to a whole fresh yellow fin.

Spider said...

For that price, you could probably get Pam Andersons melons.

Schteveo said...

...while she's still wearing them!