Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not "Shovel Ready" necessarily, but "Pile Driver Ready", now THAT they had!

The NBC Investigative Unit has raised questions about two grants totaling nearly $1.5 million dollars distributed to the University of California San Francisco. The money was part of the federal stimulus program and went to studies into the erectile dysfunction of overweight middle aged men and the accurate reporting of someone's sexual history.
Now that's stimulus for certain!  The article goes on to say that some of the money wasn't spent for TWO YEARS.  That's a little deflating though.
This money was ALWAYS about greasing the palms of the Lefist Intelligentsia plain and simple.  But he shafted so many of them after the fact that I wonder if they'll be fooled again.  Who am I kidding, they get fooled daily, and from right inside their own heads!


Schteveo said...

...and BTW, they found just TWO that were questionable? Seriously? Obama spent a TRILLION bucks, and they found $1.5M questionable?

Not much of an 'investigating unit' are they?

Bevis & Butt Head said...
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Bevis and Butt Head said..., hm, hm, hm...uh, he said, ah, 'UNIT'!

Yeah, yeah...unit!

What a bunch of Cornholios they are in D.C.!

Spider said...

If it were possible to completely remove lying and corruption from our political system, (it is not) and if our elected officials truly cared about this country and it's people, (they do not) they would stop wasting, stealing, and giving away our money to everyone and everything on this planet.

Can you imagine what we'd have if they did that? Can you also imagine us being smart enough, and strong enough, to demand that they do it? No, neither can i.

Piles of Piles said...

Pile Driver? Isn't that vodka and prune juice.

Schteveo said...

it's a shame how strong this country COULD be, if they'd stop this crap. I'll even go this far, I understand greed, hell, I'm as greedy as the next guy. But I'm not SO greedy that I'll screw 300 to 400 million people here, or billions world wide for another ???

The only upside to this is that, depending on what you believe, there is a God; Or Gods; Or even the Great Cosmic Wheel, that doles out what is earned. And I believe there is retribution in life, for being selfish , or destructive, or foolish.

I am positive there is double retribution for being a selfish destructive fool.
And yes, that is a Pile Driver! Bottoms UP!

rocky said...

I kinda wish the bonehead comments would be left up so we can get some laughs and heap some abuse. I'm just saying....