Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sharpton Calls For Race War

"It's a war on black people and we've got to fire back..."

As i've always said, when the Left attacks, it attacks from many different directions at the same time. That's why we're now seeing radical gay activists, professional race mongers, left-wing atheists, OWS anarchists, pro-communist unions, and others, all launching attacks against our country, our traditions, our beliefs, and our Constitution itself. Why now? Because, if the Marxist-in-Chief should lose in Nov., they fear their political power and voice will be greatly diminished. If he wins, he's already promised them they'll get everything they want, and more.

In this video clip, we see Al $harptongue, the professional race-pimp, radical racist, former street-thug from Brooklyn, extortionist, liar, and, oh, i almost forgot, MSNBC "commentator". What Al, in his fancy White man's clothes and hairdo, is doing is what his pal Obummer has been doing for a long time, calling for a race war, although Al is a bit more obvious. I guess now that Al is a member of the Leftist media, he can afford to be obvious, and be an even bigger liar than he's always been. But, IMO, there's another message in what fat Al's saying, a message to White America, albeit totally unintended. "Exercise your 2nd Amendment right now while you still have it..."

I've read that in about 50 years, thanks mostly to the 30-40 million illegals who have crossed our southern border, America will no longer be a basically White country. Personally, i think it'll be a lot sooner than that. When that happens, America will cease being America. It will (IMO) become just another South American, Marxist, 3rd-world country. Many say we're already well on our way. The problem for real Americans is, where do we run to?

"Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists..."


darkheart2011 said...

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Anonymous said...

Um,... the welfare office is on the next floor.

Aim Fo De Dark Heart Poots said...

Race war? No problem. You got it.

IN SPADES!!!!!!!! (pun)

Just give me 5 min to get my Visa card and visit AMMOMAN.COM

O Goody. I'm gonna get to try out my new EO Tech Holo Sight

Schteveo said...

Poots gets today's.
Racist Double Entendre' Award!!!
A.) I'm heavily armed, so bring it on.

B.) I hope $harptongue is OUT Front!

The amazing thing to me is that NO ONE in the MSM is smart enough to realize that these @$$holes are NOT saying,
"...kill all the CONSERVATIVE white people!"
Just like the Colonial Wars in Africa in the '50s & '60s, what they are saying is,
"...kill ALL the white people!!"
An' lemme aks you dis, what hap'ns if dey kill all de half-white muddad fukahs too, bitches?
Seriously, usually ethnic cleansing leaves NO trace of enemy blood in the 'pool'. Remember in Kosovo, the [people of mixed blood were hunted by BOTH sides. So, how does that affect His Mocha Mulattoness in the WH!?

And his kids? And how about his 'race traitor' wife? That's the term one of the Black Panthers used, race traitor. It was aimed at black men who date and marry white women, but the opposite would apply too, wouldn't it?

I think it's unlikely we'll se a race war, and here's WHY.

If there is a race war, those 'white guys' in Congress who run things (you now who I mean, 'The Man'), well, the white guys who run things, will start cutting off access to free food, free phones, free layin' on your @$$ and smokin' a blunt in front of MawMaw's gub'ment flat screen TV on her gub'ment cable system.

And at the end of the day, there are WAY more conservative white folk with guns than there are non-conservatives all lumped together, who have guns.

This might be the 'Zombie Apocalypse' we were warned about a couple years ago, but I'm ready for the Z/A.

Are you?

Desert Cappin Poots said...

No worries Steve. I'll shoot my way through to the back if needs be. And, we have higher quality go guns as evidenced in our desert group picture, if you like Steve.

And they gotta worry when they see what our women are carrying.

DCP said...

That was ' if you would like to post, Steve.`

Spider said...

Judging from the pics brother Poots sent me, he and his pals are very ready. And, that's good to know. But, when it all hits the fan, it's going to start in places like Philly, Detroit, Chicago, and here in NYC. Folks out there in AZ. don't have much to worry about unless the Mexicans take up arms with the blacks, something i really doubt.

Just so you know Poots, although we're not into long guns out here, there's a "whole lot" more guns here in NYC than in all of AZ. Yes, it's true that not all those guns are in the hands of the guys with the "White hats", (which simply means we have more targets) we still have plenty.

But, it always comes down to, not who has more guns, but who's willing to use them. And, IMO, that's where our side falls a bit short. I've seen this many, many, many times. Blacks shoot without even thinking or caring, while Whites think and may not shoot at all. It's called, conscience, morals, responsibility, etc. Those are things only law-abiding people care about. And it can be a weakness.

GlockinPooter said...

Don't forget Shpidie, I grew up on Taylor St in Chicago and didn't move out here till I was 40.

And nobody out here has 'one gun'. You would play golf with just 'one club' either.

The family coming over for dinner later has a 14 YO daughter that shoots sporting clays. Shes bringing her new shotgun over for me to see. O, and she has a Glock 19 also.

Schteveo said...

If she's smart, can cook, and is decent looks, you could become polygamist.

Seriously , she''s already got guns! I don't even know her and she's the hottest chick at her school.