Friday, May 11, 2012

Weakness Will Not Win

The other day, some Obamunist reporter with the Washington Post found what he thought could be turned into a "smoking gun" from Romney's childhood. It seems Romney may have engaged in some totally irrelevant high school prank. Of course, the MSM jumped right on it. But the thing that bothered me was, (and i'm not a Romney fan) Romney came right out and apologized for it. This, IMO, is a clear sign of weakness. And, it also shows that the Romney camp, like the rest of the Republican Party and many Conservatives, still don't get it. One of the oldest and most effective tactics used by the Left is to put their opponents on the defensive every chance they get, whether founded or not. And, since Romney does not have the tenacity and sharp claws that Gingrich or Ron Paul has, this kind of attack will not only continue, but greatly increase, since they now see how well it worked. It's like showing an aggressive dog that you are afraid of him. He's gonna bite you!

In the court of public opinion, (a favorite playground of the Left ) defending yourself, even from bizarre and totally unfounded allegations, always makes you look guilty of something, else why would you be defending your self. That's how average people think, and the Leftists have become masters at using this ploy. If it works, again, we can look "forward" to four more years of radical Obamunism. Times ten!


CenTexTim said...

"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace."

'Boldly, boldly, always boldly' - or more colloquially, 'attack, attack, always attack.'

I think it was Napoleon (or some other French dude) who first said it, later repeated by George Patton. In any case, it's something that Romney and the rest of the GOP would do well to remember. Every time some member of the lapdog media asks some made-up 'have you stopped beating your wife' question, Romney should respond with a reference to one of obama's spectacular failures. Example:

Q: Gov. Romney, did you bully some poor helpless lad back in 1981?

A: The only thing I remember about 1981 was that it was before obama became president and the unemployment rate jumped to 9% and gas prices skyrocketed to $4 per gallon...

Schteveo said...

that sort of the answer he gave to that PMSNBC Chick the other day. She was busting his balls over pot!
Here's my comment from last night, at Transterrestrial Musings, concerning this idiot story.
The amazing part of this is that the Dems think Romney is supposed to explain things he did as 17 or 18 year old.

But that idiot in the WH doesn’t explain how he missed 20 years of anti-American, socialist sermons that we can all hear online and he was supposedly in the front row. Nor does he explain who his classmates were in college, HS, grade school, or if he was a practicing Muslim in Indonesia.

He won’t explain knowing Bill Ayers, when Ayers openly says they were not just neighbors.

He won’t say why we’ve not had a budget during his entire tenure as POTUS. Nor does he explain why his DOJ let the Panthers go even though there was video of their voter intimidation crime(s).

He can’t explain ‘shovel ready jobs’ not being ready, nor can he explain where ALL the money went FOR those jobs. Nor can he explain the Solyndra email debacle.

But Romney acting like a jerky, rich kid, when he WAS still a kid is THE issue we are supposed to key in on for the election, because Obumble has flip flopped BACK to supporting Gay Marriage. If, that ism it ever really happened.

I’ve got a question. Has ANYONE found this poor, bedraggled and follicley abused man? What’s HIS take on this? Where is this guy? If this is such a well known event, where are the co-conspirators? Where’s anyone who saw this?

What a crock of cr@p!

I hope the American voters are not stupid enough to fall for this kind of campaigning. But I fear that even those who voted FOR the Marriage Amendment here in NC, will vote FOR this lying, shifty clown even after he’s flopped again on the issue.

Exit polls showed that 2/3 of African-Americans voted FOR the Marriage Amendment here in NC on Tuesday. But I don’t see them thinking it through and voting against BHO in November based on the vote.

The truth of the matter is, they agree with Romney more than they do Obama, but they’ll never vote for the NON-black guy.

I had a thought, maybe Romney told this story, but it’s a ‘compression’ of things that he heard about or saw. But he told the story to flesh out what the school was like when he was there. You know, to show what it’s like to be a rich, white kid growing up in America, a level of suffering poor blacks can never understand.

I may go puke, right after I check all my guns again to be sure they’re still loaded. ’cause were going down, and soon IMHO.

'nuff said!

Spider said...

Well, it looks like somebody may have grown a pair. Finally.

alan said...

and by the end of the day, the alleged attackee's family debunked the whole thing.

they guy is dead of cancer, thus he cannot debunk the attack on Romney himself. (I bet he votes in the next election though)

I am curious as to why Romney felt he had to apologize though.

Cowpill said...

1. Ammunition stocked.
2. Magazines loaded
3. Bring the bitch's on.

Stank Munky said...

Because he is a broad alan. A stank pussy bleeding every month broad pussy.

A. Levy said...

Here is a perfect example of what spider is talking about.

Anonymous said...

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter…” – Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Even many Republicans think their leadership is far too weak. They are going to need all the fight they can muster.

Schteveo said...

idiot leaders, the full term is WEAK idiot leaders!

But I don't see anyone of them stepping up, kicking ass or asking WHY the friggin' RNC leadership is such a bunch of pansy ass cowards! At leat not openly anyway.