Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time to kill people, rape and riot!!

And all because the Iranians have burned Bibles!!! 
If turn about is fair play (it's not, but let's pretend it is) then WE should be able to march into a Mosque, or ALL the Mosques, and act like the Muslims did when some jerk flushed a Koran at Gitmo, right?  I'm talking beatings, stonings and murders!.
Yeah, except for the part where we understand the difference in right or wrong in the West.
The source for my diatribe is an article out of Iran and Turkey saying they've discovered a 'Bible' written by Barnabas, one of the Apostles, and that his 'Bible' that says ISLAM is the One True Faith.  I'm not going to address that part of this, you can decide for yourself the merits of their argument when you read the article.  I know what I believe, that's enough for me.

Of course, they think they're right too, and they'll kill you to prove their point.  What I wouldn't give to find someone Preaching about Peace & Islam.
It's a good thing for the Grand Ayotollah that I've got a Bee Keeping Class tonight.  Otherwise, murder, rape and torture would be my evening's entertainment.



Take a fukkin guess said...

Put me down for a dozen Shteverino. Right after work I'll go out and cap me 12 of those Muslim Muddafukkas.

O and I almost forgot,

EAT ME!!!!!!!

Nuke of Earl said...

Nuke nuke nuke

Spider said...

The best way to treat an enemy, especially radical Mooselambs, is the exact same way he treats you, x10. It's what they understand, respect, and fear.

Of course, we are an "enlightened and compassionate" nation. To our enemies, and most everyone else, that translates to, weakness. And to our enemies, weakness begets aggression. That's why the attacks and attempted attacks will never stop.

The object of war is to destroy your enemy as fast and as complete as you can, assuming you have the means. We certainly have the means. What we lack is the will, and the whole world knows it.

Iron Chef Poots said...

Yes that's the 'object` of war. But to me, war is an art form. An expression of ones creativity. Like cutting some muslims balls off and putting them in the freezer. Then slowly starving him over several weeks until he is mad with hunger. Then slowly cooking his balls up one morning with onions right next to him where he can smell the whole time. Then you feed him his own balls while you show him the video of you cutting them off in the first place.

Now I don't really know if that's art, but i know what I like. And I like dat.