Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The "Vietnamization" of the War on Terror.

Some of us Old Farts remember the War in Southeast Asia. 

We also remember that after wasting almost $200B, wasting almost 60K American lives, and maybe as many as 3 million Vietnamese deaths, and NOT counting those wounded, maimed or permanently disabled, we walked away.
But before we left there as a warrior force, President Nixon signed an agreement with President Thieu of South Viet Nam, saying that the United States would withdraw troops, but continue to support the South's efforts to continue as a country.  But we didn't, because Congress voted not to fund the agreement, which basically killed that country.
About 15 minutes after the last helicopter flew off of the American Embassy in Saigon n April 30, 1975, the political cleaning killings began.  Anyone who had worked for or supported any non-Communist Government in the South was a suspect.  Many were imprisoned, tortured and killed in the name of Communist Unity.
Yesterday, 37 years and one day after we left Saigon with our tails between our POLITICAL hind legs, President Barack Hussien Obama sailed the people of Afghanistan down the Mekong River Delta of The Ignorance of Consequences. 
So, we are now about to make the same mistakes in Afghanistan and Iraq that we made in Southeast Asia.  We'll see the same outcomes too IMO, murder, mayhem, and torture.  I refuse to be humble on this because I'm sickened by the waste in lives and dollars, before and after. And all this leaves me with the SAME, exact, GDed questions about our country that I've had since GHWB stopped our troops from walking right the hell into Baghdad, Iraq, killing Saddam's Imperial Dumb Troopers ALL the Ff&*ING way to the Imperial Homeplace!
Why is it, that the most powerful country in the world, can no longer bring itself to WIN a war? 
Why is it, that the most powerful country in the world, will waste billions, that's B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S of dollars and thousands of lives, ruining tens of thousands of America Family's futures by eliminating fathers, brothers, sons, daughters, mothers, sisters and all the other family connections, blood or otherwise...then just walk the F*&K away?
Why is it, that the most powerful country in the world continues to elect, elect, elect spineless, worthless Democrat and Republican humps of human flesh who would rather, yet again, kill 6K or 7K of our bravest and finest and spend billions of your dollars and mine...and THEN, just walk away.

Why is it, that the most powerful country in the world WON'T spend another $BILLION more sooner, possibly saving some of everybody's money, absolutely save many lives on BOTH sides and just WIN the F#*^ing war?
If anyone has a cogent answer, I'd love to hear it.  And, good luck with trying it.


Muslim Omelet Maker Snorpht said...

Steve, I do not consider those 3 million Vietnamese deaths to have been 'wasted'. Only wish we could trade them in for muslim deaths. And never forget, ya gotta pay for the chicken before you can start breaking the eggs.

I love the angel of scrambled eggs in the morning!!!! It smells like........
....... Breakfast!!!!!

Swype Sucker said...

Fucking swype. How did smell turn into angel?

Alfred E Newman said...

Every thing it's going to be all right. The wonderful wizard of O is in 'talks' with the taliban...... and N Korea, and Iran. How can anything POSSIBLY go wrong?

Tang Hunter Poots said...

And while all you guys been beating your meat, I've been beating the bushes....... for poontang. We may get a female blast from the past visit shortly.

Thanks to your own little Snorpht.

Schteveo said...

some of those Vietnamese were SOUTH Vietnamese. Much like the rest of us, they deserved a chance at freedom.

Who knew they'd wind up with more of it than we've got?

kill ALL said...

Muslims first.
All others line up behind.

ATK (Lake City) just got an order for 1,000,000,000 rbds of small arms ammo. Namely the new, improved 5.56 NATO.

I know what I'd be doin with all that ammo.

Don't scare Sam away said...

Did any one see who visited the thread just previous to this?

Snorpht wasn't just jerkkin offffff when he said he went hunting..

He wud cereal.

Spider said...

Yes, Samantha! Leave it to Poots to bring all the little chickies back home. Well, one of them anyway. Good job bro! I wonder if Missy's still married?

Steve said:
"Why is it, that the most powerful country in the world, can no longer bring itself to WIN a war?"

Easy one bud. Aside from our PC-mentality, it's because there's a lot more money to be made (by some) fighting a war than winning a war. Nam, like the phony "war on drugs" was meant to be fought, not won.

IMO, going into Iraq and Afghanistan simply proves the point. We had no business being in either place. For all that we accomplished in Afghanistan, we could've done the very same, and probably more, with air-power. Of course, to the mental-midgets who run this country, airpower's no good because you can't build hospitals, highways, schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, and swiming pools from the air. This is where i agree with Ron Paul. Perhaps now that we're broke, we'll finally learn to mind our own business.

Goober said...

Spider - pure truth. I was going to post my take on the situation, but after reading what you wrote, I'm just going to say "me too!"

YOu have to finish what you started, or else don't start it at all. If the country isn't ready to declare all-out, unfettered, anything goes total war to victory, then the country isn't ready to go to war. And as the leader, one shouldn't lead them there, either.

I don't see what we accomplished in Iraq being worth 4,000 American lives. I see what we accomplished in Afghanistan in the first 2 or 3 years as being a good thing, but the next 8 years after that have been useless. Why are we still there when we don't even have a plan to win?

alan said...

following Spider & Goob....

my 2 cents....

it is because of the mentality that we have developed. We are the most powerful country on the earth...but everyone loves an underdog.

so if we were to actually win a war, there are too many people out there that think that will make us the bad guy because the poor little guy that we trounced was only misunderstood and didn't really want to kill 3,000 people with an airplane, it was the only way he could get our attention and tell us that we should help him.