Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Cops going hog wild! Wait, hog is bad for you!

Here we go again, the Food Cops have gottten their hands on foie gras in California, and large sugared drinks in NYC
Viola!  I'm betting they've stopped obesity, diabetes, heart disease and saved the universe from alien zombies with these moves. 
Because no one can figure out any way around this, right?  Let's face it, people are just TOO damned stupid to buy TWO small mocha latte dog crappaccinos or two 15.9 oz Slurpees and dump them in a LARGE cup!  And I am likewise just as sure that anyone wealthy enough to be eating and buying foie gras in California, are now broke to drive or FLY elsewhere and get their foie gras fix!
Once again I find myself a rube who's all TOO happy, happy, happy to be living in 'fly over'.  Because out here, we're immune from being 'saved' by the Enlightened Elites who live in and run NYC and CA.
I'm gonna go get a Big Gulp and a couple double cheese and double sausage biscuits and some salty, greasy fries for breakfast.   


Spider said...

Personally, no matter how much money i have, no one is gonna get me to eat duck fat. But, as is usually the case, especially in places like Mexifornia, the rich will always get what they want.

Here in the Peoples Republic of NYC, we see Queen Bloomberg doing one of the things he just loves doing. that is, telling the peons how to live their lives. The other thing he loves doing is generating revenue, especially from those of us who do not have his mega-wealth. Some things never change, do they.

Once again, our limp-wristed little Fascist, and his friends on the Left, are using "health" as a cover, when what it's really about is, CONTROL. Control the lives of the peons because they're too stupid to do it themselves. And, because those on the Left always know what's best for everyone else.

Here are some facts that should be obvious to everyone;

1) Sugar is a natural substance, unlike the chemical poisons (artificial sweetners) the Left forced us use, using the same hysteria tactics. Remember?

2) Too much of anything is not smart, nor is it good for you. I don't need a law to tell me that. And, on those (many) past occasions when i did too much, (i) paid the price.

3) IMO, it's not just sugar, but the explosion in the digital gadget industry that's causing people to get fat. People no longer walk to visit a friend, or go out to play ball, or even sit and have a real conversation with each other. Now, it's all done by hitting some keys on your digital gadget of choice. I can't remember the last time i saw some kids playing ball in my neighborhood, something that used to be a very common sight.

Remember. As in most of the rules the Left forces on us, it's about, CONTROL.

BOW said...

You're not immune in fly-over country. It just takes a little longer to reach you. Remember "On the Beach"?

Schteveo said...

I heard a finance guy on radio yesterday saying it's also about Revenue! In NYC, you now have to buy TWO 16oz Slurpees to fill your 32oz insulated cup. The Big Gulp, et al, at 32oz size was around $2. BUT now, you have to buy TWO, DOS, DUEX, DUE 16oz sized drinks at $1.90!

(remember the 32oz drinks were THE cheapest way to buy)

So instead of collecting tax on just $2, Bloomie is getting tax on $3.80. That damned near doubles the tax revenue on that drink.

He'll spend it foolishly I feel certain. And if he gets an extra $50K a week, he'll spend $75K.

yeah, I do know that, but I'm not in the carry over wind fall for fallout. I looked into that.

We'll be like Australia here, last to go.

Spider said...

Generating revenue is always queen Bloomberg's goal. If not primary, than certainly secondary.

Next they can.... said...


Goober said...

All this is going to do is to create a black market in foie gras. No, I'm not being sarcastic or ironic. i mean this with every part of my being. That's all that's ever happened any time a government has tried to ban something, even the phosphate free soap up here in Spokane county. People were just driving 5 miles into Idaho to get their soap, and there was a cottage industry of folks who would buy more than they needed to "smuggle" it back across the border to sell to others who didn't want to make the drive. Freaking dish soap black markets, folks. Seriously, I wish I was kidding, but that is the inevitable result of a government banning something that the people want - they'll get it no matter what the government does.

So one wonders, once this black market begins, are we going to see DEA and BATF-like raids on foie gras "speak-easys", with armored commandos kicking in doors to make sure people don't eat duck liver?

I'll bet that is on the very near horizon, folks. This is where all of these things eventually lead. The government gets more pissed and more frustrated the more that they learn that they have no control over it, and they get more and more violent as a result. (War on drugs, anyone?)