Monday, May 14, 2012

Todays Question:

Could you use $4 BILLION dollars a year?
Ok, so it's a trick question. But here's a serious one. Do you think our country could use $4 Billion a year? Maybe that amount could be used to keep some Post Offices open, lower the price of gas, or perhaps, help some of our most worthy citizens, our combat veterans, many of whom are actually living on food stamps.

That four Billion (at least ) is how much of your money the IRS is giving to illegal aliens every year in the form of tax refunds and child tax credits! And, many of the people getting your money are not even in this country, nor have they ever been in this country! I mean, why inconvenience them by having them actually show up to pick-up our money? I'm sure the thousands of lawyers working for the IRS would have an answer to the question, "how can people who don't even pay tax get a refund"? I'm also sure the reason they don't explain all this to the "worker-ants", (ie. legal tax payers) is because it's far too complex and way above our heads. Besides, sheep are not known to ask questions. 

So how is this possible? Well, it's called, FRAUD. And the IRS is a "willing and knowing partner" in this fraud. If the enclosed video were shown to every American tax payer, i would think that every one of them would pick-up a length of strong rope, march on DC., and lynch every member of Congress. That they do not is why the elected, lying crooks treat us the way they do...


Gyro Boy said...

With 4B I'd buy Greece and kick those hairy little Munkys off. Send'm to france

Anonymous said...

But how will you separate the men from the boys?

Schteveo said...

I haven't looked at the Congressional Record, but every dumbass whop voted NOT to stop Saturday Delivery of mail should be voted out! And their reasoning was so sound.

"We've ALWAYS had Saturday Delivery!"

Well, I can refute that. When I was a kid, my parents bought a house in a new development, and they only got mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about three months. Too few mail carriers to cover the growth I'm guessing. And that was in a day and time where almost ALL bills came in and got paid through the mail.

I pay NONE of my bills via the P.O. I do it all through my online bill pay through the credit union. I'm betting many people are like that.

We don't NEED 6 day delivery of paper in a digital, texting world!

Spider said...

I do the same thing bud. Personally, i can do just fine with 3 day delivery service. It just means a whole lot less junk mail, which BTW, makes up most of what the USPS delivers.

With a little goose grease said...

With a crowbar Nannermouse. As always, with a crowbar.