Thursday, February 10, 2011

1979 Redux? I hope not.

I spent the spring and summer of 1979 patrolling the Indian Ocean, watching the USSR watch us, as we all watched Iran.
I fear we are reliving that summer, now, in Egypt. My older son is out there now, watching the Russians watch us, as we all watch Egypt.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
President Hosni Mubarak will step down shortly and transfer authority to the Egyptian Higher Council of the Armed Forces, a senior Egyptian official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.

The group is comprised of the minister of defense, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi -- who stands atop the military hierarchy -- along with the military's chief of staff, the chief of operations, and commanders of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Air Defenses.

The source pointed out that the transfer of power will occur "outside of the constitutional framework" because under the Egyptian constitution, Mubarak's resignation ordinarily would mean that the speaker of the house would become president and elections would be held within 60 days. In this case, the military council will "not be governing under the constitution or any legislation," the source noted. "So they will have to define the format under which they are taking power."

The source did not know how long the military would reign nor what mechanism or timetable would be put in place to end the military's administration of power, but said that "when (the transfer of power from Mubarak) does happen, they will presumably indicate the direction of the country."

The one good step here is power going to the military. MOST of them have been trained here, or in the UK. They know they get about 70% of their funding and equipment from us, spelled U.S. just for clarification.
Hopefully they'll send the Muslim Brotherhood packing. But only time will tell.
But the biggest deal is OUR President. We have almost identical economic situations worldwide. The oil business is in the same shape. And we're saddled with a 'leader' who is clueless. Who knows, maybe he'll institute a year round Daylight Saving plan like Carter to save some oil and energy. Remember how that helped Carter save us way back when?


Schteveo said...

Mubarak is staying, NYT now says Commies, Socialists and Jihadis are in league in Egypt and Glenn Beck is pissed that NYT called him Chicken Little for saying it first, now they act like THEY are breaking the story.

Useless idiots.

And to top off todays nuttiness, James Clapper, supposedly our #1 Intel guy in D.C., says the Muslim Brotherhood has no 'overarching agenda in pursuit of violence'.


It's just a coincidence that SO many radical Muslims are or were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, I guess. It's just a coincidence that al Qaradawi, one of the head honchos of the Brotherhood, is calling for Israel AND HER ALLY THE UNITED STATES, to be wiped from the Earth.

The MB were responsible for the assassination of Egyptian Prime Minister Pasha in 1948, & they killed Anwar Sadat in 1981. It's just their own documents that call for war with US and ISRAEL, as SOON as THEY get control of Egypt.

This afternoon I've heard 5 or 6 EXPERTS in Middle Eastern affairs say things that make me know that Clappper isn't just wrong, he's foolishly wrong!! Clapper has to go, along with his idiot boss who trusts him and his opinion!

A boss, BTW, who is leading us down the path to ruination.

Spider said...

The totally asinine statement from the so-called head of our intel community simply provides our enemies with yet another reason to laugh at us. How could anyone be so dumb! (can you imagine if a Bush guy had done this?) Then again, he was picked by the Marxist-in-Chief who also has zero knowledge about foreign policy and world affairs. That was made clear yesterday when the Saudi king gave Odumbo a "good talking to". Of course, just after Odumbo was elected, he went to the middle east and started bowing to anyone wearing a towel on their head and a cape. From that moment, they knew they had not just an idiot, but a fellow Mooselamb and a puppet.

As for Mubarak, those who know him and actually know what's going on, knew he would not simply pick-up and walk away. Having that much power, for that long, is not something that's easily given up. (we might find this out as 2012 gets closer) Right about now, the hundreds-of-thousands of protestors might be thinking that had they stormed his palace on day-1, he'd be gone by now and this would all be over. Pretty much. In other words, the fuse has been lit. The only question is, who's actually holding the matches.

IMO, there are forces at work behind those protestors. This situation didn't just pop-up from thin air. You can bet your life that Iran, Al-Qaeda, the Mooselamb Brotherhood, radical communists, etc. have people on the ground agitating, instigating, and lighting fires (just like Obummer used to do on the streets of Chicago) wherever they can. They have a huge opportunity to take control of Egypt and they're not gonna let it go without a very serious effort.

The wild card is of course, the military. As of this morning, the other group of agitators and instigators, (a.k.a. the MSM) was reporting that military leaders said they will back Mubarak. They also said they don't want to fire on their own people, "unless they have to". Hmm..., interesting position. I'm betting something will blow this weekend. Will the foreign agitators light all the fuses? if they do, the military will be forced to protect Mubarak, which means at some point, they may stop simply shooting up in the air. We'll see...

Cowpill said...

Well, Obummer will now forever be known as the President who lost Egypt. It is the extremist plan to get into power and the door has been opened. There will be no democracy here.

BOW said...

Hope and change

Schteveo said...

I'm afraid Cowpill is right. These people will get trampled by the Islamofascists. God help them.

Spider said...

God help them? This is what they want, so fcuk 'em!