Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Nation Of Laws?

Or, should it read "A Nation of Laws. Sometimes" . And if we are a nation of laws, should not those laws apply to everyone, including (and especially) the Marxist-in-Chief ? It is becoming quite clear to many people that this president doesn't seem to care much about following the law, or the Constitution, when his Marxist agenda is involved. In fact, if he were a Republican, Leftists and their MSM would be howling for his IMPEACHMENT!

A few months ago, some of our friends here were discussing a hypothetical question. "What happens if Obummer refuses to surrender power if he loses in 2012"? And since he's decided to simply sweep Congress aside when they balk at doing what he wants, ignoring a federal court order to resume drilling in the Gulf, allowing Black Panthers to "openly" violate the voting rights laws, could he be somehow telling us what's ahead? Sound crazy? You bet it does, but he's done a lot of things these last 2 1/2 years that we would've thought crazy for a POTUS to do before he showed up. Are we being given yet another warning of his intentions that most of the country will ignore?


Schteveo said...

Not a thing in there that I can disagree with. Newt's setting himself up to run, and he'll do well I think.

And Obama, IMHO, will pull some hinky shit before 2012 elections. We are so close to the edge right now, and he'll use that. It's why he wants an internet "kill switch".

Imagine GWB asking for that!

aka Ron said...

Interesting how you mentioned "a nation of laws" and I used the same phrase earlier today about on a local blog rebutting the stupid things our condo treasurer spews (usually against me)

for your pleasure

Spider said...

A nation of laws. It would be nice if the word "equal" appeared in there somewhere. More often than not, the laws seem to be something those in power can use for their own needs. Just ask Charlie Rangel, et al.

Anonymous said...

"Can someone please tell me just why it is that every single time a choice can be made to either increase or decrease America's energy independence ... Obama always makes the choice that would increase our reliance on foreign oil? Are you ready to accept the possibility that Obama chooses that option because it is the option that weakens America? Come on, my friends. The time is coming when you're going to have to give that possibility some attention. The evidence that Obama's true agenda is to weaken the country he "rules" is stacking up." -- Neal Boortz

Schteveo said...

Boortz is right. I'm pretty sure he's pedaling as fast as he can for the edge, dragging us along, trying to dump us into the abyss.

Gas has gone up here, 19 cents since MON.

When gas went up a dime in a month, there were calls of Impeachment for Bush's "collusion" with his oil buddies. I guess colluding with communists and jihadis doesn't count? When was the last time you heard any MSM type talking about gas, oil, food prices, FORECLOSURES?

Obama is getting a pass from the media.

I got commies on my doorstep said...

Obama is getting a pass from the media? I'm shocked.

Send in the re-inforcements.