Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Merchants of Hate

If you're a leftist Demoncrat, one of the most dangerous people in America is Republican Rep. Darrell Issa from Mexifornia. Why? Because Rep. Issa is a guy who believes our political system works best in the light of day, an idea the Left finds frightening, especially since they've been running the country in the dark for the last 3 or 4 years. But thanks to the American people, last November's mid-term elections gave Darrell Issa the power to turn the lights on and the Left is scared to death.

As i've said many times, one of the Left's oldest and most effective tools is their ability and willingness to demonize anyone or anything they fear. And when you control the MSM, that task isn't too difficult. We've seen many examples of this tactic, such as what they've done to Sarah Palin, her family, Rush Limbaugh, Beck, and many others on the Right, or anyone else even slightly opposed to the Left's agenda. And as always, their most vicious attacks are saved for those they fear the most. Darrell Issa is such a man. He now has the political power to look into places the Left doesn't want looked into, and perhaps find things they don't want found. And, he has the power to start impeachment proceedings if warranted.

Now the Leftist hate machine, made-up of thousands of "patriotic-sounding" organizations and groups, is gearing-up again with (i'm willing to bet) a lot of George Soros money behind them. They know that if Issa starts taking too close a look at the Marxist-in-Chief, not only might he find something, but the radical Left may lose their chance to keep their puppet in the WH for another term. It's not at all surprising that these are the same people who sat quietly by while Rep. Henry (pig-snout) Waxman, a socialist from Mexifornia, spent eight full years investigating, digging into, accusing but never finding anything, and issuing subpoenas to the Bush administration. In fact, it was the only thing he did for eight years. Now, there are other hands controlling DC's light switch. Now there are political careers and political agendas at stake. I just hope Rep. Issa is as strong as i think he is...



Schteveo said...

"They say they’re leaving no stone unturned in digging into Issa’s personal and business history."

I'm hoping he breaks it off in their asses.

Schteveo said...

I'm glad I don't rely on this place to eat. I've seen more traffic at 4 AM in a Hell's Kitchen alley behind the Hell's Angels club house!!

If we just closed this place down, would anyone notice? Beside me and Spider.

Spider said...

Is that an echo i hear?

As i said in the main post, Rep. Issa means business and he's not wasting any time. I hope the American people are smart enough to stand behind him.