Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'll defend your right to say it????

Wow, amazing the hub bub that a hick from small town Idaho can cause. I must have recieved a dozen calls while I was making my commute for work tommorrow, btw did I mention how much I hate snow? Actually, I love seeing it outside my window while sitting by a fire with a nice cup of hot chocholate, but I digress....I was asked....did you see this.... do you know about this....isn't that your when I got home I had to jump on and find out.

He didn't know it would raise such a fuss, and now thinks it is friggin' hillarious. Stand by for O'riley.




Anonymous said...

bad link

Spider said...

Maybe this link is better;

As a NY'er, i'm not at all surprised by this story. Columbia has long been, and continues to be, a hot-bed for radical communists, anarchists, Marxists, and socialists. It is the epitome of a radical leftist indoctrination camp. And as is typical for so-called anti-war protestors, they don't realize that every student and faculty member in that school (combined) don't hate war anywhere near as much as that 1 warrior who actually had to fight.

I hope this warrior decides to find another school to go to, one where he can find some real Americans.

Schteveo said...

I don't know which is braver, going to Kirkuk, or to NYC to deal with those lib morons.

tell your brother thanks for his service and tell him we're with him in spirit.

Schteveo said...

I just saw this story in about 3 or 4 other places...let's see, we're blog partners with alan...alan's brother is semi-famous for standing up to idiot libs in NYC...his story is all over the can we get free beer outta this close level separation??

BOW said...


BOW, et. al. said...

Steve: come to NYC and I'll buy.

Alan: when I first came across this story I didn't realize it was your brother until I saw it here!

All I can say is I'm sorry that this is the shit he had to come home to.

As a hero, he is always welcome in my home in NYC.

BOW said...

I just put the article link and my personal comment on my facebook status

Schteveo said...

Alan's brother is about to be on FOX News. 7:30 AM, Thursday.

If you miss(ed) it, they post video segments at their website.

Schteveo said...

It ran at 7:55. alan, tell your brother I think he did a great job. (for an Army guy) Told his side and even took the side of his detractors. Typical veteran, realizes that 'it' ain't allow about him.

(anyone else notice that conservatives and libertarians always do that, allow for the other side, but liberals never do? disagreeing with liberals is hate speech, or racism or ??? or is it just me?)

alan, could you get us a link to Anthony's Facebook Page. I'd like to thank him.

alan said...

What a long day, I just now got to see the video from fox & friends (10:30 pm MST).!/pages/Anthony-Maschek/197041760325595

I think this is the link to the FB he set up for this.

Bill, As soon as I get my house unpacked...again...and can find your address, I'll send him your way for a beer!

alan said...

I gotta say, he's got class. Tony handled himself superbly. I'm not sure I would have been as gracious, but then again, I'm a little more hot headed than he is. He is the baby of 7 brothers, so he is a little more calculating.

Personally, I couldn't be prouder.

alan said...

Here is a second link to a similar site. He has posted comments here, I'm not sure who set it up.