Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zero What?

We've all read the stories of young children being thrown out of school, detained, and even handed over to the police, for violating what the indoctrination camp guards call a "Zero Tolerance policy against weapons in school." In most cases, the "weapons" were a picture of a weapon, or a small toy soldier, or a shirt showing a gun. Last year in Mexas, a 5 year old kid was sent home for making a "gun-like" gesture with his fingers! In Detroit, which is 81.5% black, there's a good reason to have such a policy because many kids have been caught bringing loaded guns to school. So while i agree with this type of policy, i do believe it should be applied with some common sense, and, IT SHOULD APPLY TO EVERYONE, even here in PC-merica...


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Schteveo said...

OK, give me even one instance where anyone has ever been shot by a knife!!?????