Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Earth Calling. Come In Jerry!

In my 34 years with the NYPD, i had many, many, many, occasions to deal with people who were not exactly playing with a full (mental and emotional) deck, up to and including full-blown psychos. One thing i did learn was, when someone has gone out of their way to prove to you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are a certified tin-foil hat, totally detached from reality, you should take them seriously. Or, you can make them your governor. Again!

Such is the case with Mexifornia's new/old governor, Jerry (moonbeams) Brown. This is a guy who went through the 60's completely lost in the world of LSD. He's a guy who made Thorazine a house-hold name. He was so bad, that even his fellow Mexifornia socialists ran him out of town. But now he's back and he wants what leftist Demoncrats always want. Higher taxes. He's about to find out that after decades of giving away everything in sight, to anyone who happened to hold their hand out, his state is totally busted! He may regret the day he stopped the drugs, assuming he ever did...

Hey kids, it's the JERRY MEETS REALITY show!!



Schteveo said...

I read that, fully knowing I'd see old Moonbeam. lefty crap. But it was better than I ever thought possible. His last sentence is what he truly thinks.

"They see that their leaders are divided when they should be decisive and acting with clear purpose.”

Leaders? They see their LEADERS...?

I was stupid enough to think the were REPRESENTATIVES, duly elected officials, who represent. And I don't mean that they just show up, tell us how things will be, go home and gloat.

Brown WAS and idiot and IS an idiot. But his 'leader' line is very telling!! It tells me he's dangerous because he thinks we need LEADING.

Well...moo, MFer, moooooo!!

Crossroads of the Poots said...

California deserves EVERYTHING it gets from here on out.

This is going to be hilarious.

PS I was at Crossroads of the West on Sat morning in PHX.

Spider said...

Hey Poots, keep an eye out for a 4' tall fag with very expensive clothes, a NYC accent, and a video camera. I'd hate to see you on the 6:00 news.

Cowpill said...

The fall of Mexifornia is assured now. I for one am thrilled that the this so called state will soon be a bankrupt 3 world country just like the country most of it's residents came from.