Sunday, February 13, 2011

Go look THAT up in your Funk & Wagnalls!!

I've noticed that the American journalists as a whole (hole?) do NOT know the meanings of words. In this instance, CNN. The clowns at the CNN Wire Service wrote an article about the military being in charge in Egypt. Very true, but...
Egypt's military dissolved the country's Parliament and suspended its constitution Sunday following the ouster of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak, telling Egyptians it would be in charge for six months or until elections can be held.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said it would appoint a committee to propose changes to the Constitution, which would then be submitted to voters. The council will have the power to issue new laws during the transition period, according to a communique read on state television.

Sunday marked the first workday since Mubarak's ouster. For the first time since the uprising began January 25, traffic flowed freely around Tahrir Square -- the epicenter of the protests -- and the majority of shops around the square were open. Some protesters remained in the square Sunday, vowing to keep protesting until Egypt is under civilian rule.

The Egyptian junta now has to grapple with the economic problems that fueled the revolt, including massive youth unemployment and economic underdevelopment. The demonstrations virtually shut down Egypt's economy, costing it vital tourism dollars as well.

A Junta? In Egypt?
While I'll allow you that JUNTA is by definition a Military led government. However, by the end of the 20th Century the word came to mean a government TAKEN OVER by the military. Think Pinochet, think Saddam, think Qaddafi. Junta came to mean tyrannical, mean, hard to live under. Could anything be further from that in Egypt?
But knowing how things work at the Communist News Network, we KNOW what they meant. JUNTA they said, and JUNTA is what they meant!! The idiots. Do they READ or WATCH their own news reports? Or do they just expect Leon Pinetta do that?
The military council in Egypt had this situation dropped in their laps. And thank God for them. Many of the military leaders in Egypt were, and are, trained in the US and the UK. They are much more moderate in their views than other militaries in the Middle East.
The Egyptian Military has agreed to hold fast on ALL current treaties, that includes treaties with US and Israel. If the Muslim Brotherhood had taken control, do you suppose that would be happening. Would the CNN crowd would sleep better without the military controlling Egypt? Better still, if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over NYC and Atlanta and LA, how long would it be before the CNN Wire Staff was shorter, by at least a head?


Spider said...

Personally, i think a lot of these leftist talking heads of the MSM may have to backtrack before this is over. They have sided with the anti-govt protestors from day-1, and didn't waste a second to lable the pro-govt protestors as "thugs, rioters, agitators," etc. Every person they interviewed was part of the anti-govt crowd which did not make for an unbiased appraisal of what was really going on. They also claimed the thousands of pro-govt protestors were actually all plainclothes police!

Right now there are many forces at work in Egypt, and they're not all pro-West. Only a complete fool (like those in this administration) would believe the Mooselamb Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and all the other terrorist groups don't have people on the ground "actively" working to take control. And IMO, they will to a large degree.

So while the talking-heads have jumped to declare that "the protestors have won", they have no clue as to what will/can/may happen in the coming months. All of those "we want freedom and liberty" protestors just may end up having a lot less of it depending on who takes over.

Interesting poll results: If they're all shouting about freedom and liberty, why is it that 81% (according to poll on the ground) said they would have no problem with Sharia Law being implemented?

srk said...

Answer: They are clueless. What comparison can they make? We assume that they see the rest of the world. They don't.

Schteveo said...

Did you hear the CNN cuts that Rush was playing today?

Some willing lefty CNN drone was asking the protesters what THEY thought of Obama's "help / aid" getting Mubarak out. One guy said, "... we started this, we'll finish it, no thanks to, nor help from Obama." The second guy said "Obama went back and forth on who he was supporting, first Obama was for the protesters, then he sided with Mubarak, then he cheered the protesters again...he was no help at all."

So CNN can't fool the Egyptians any either. Classic though.

"...excuse me sir, you've just been brutally butt fucked by nine, large, very angry gorillas, for what seems an extended amount of time...are you glad Mr. Obama was pulling for you, then for the apes, but then for you again at the end!!??"

(as if a short, docile, single gorilla butt fucking would be perfectly acceptable, mind you)

But amazingly after those responses, the talking head from CNN says something about how 'glad' they were to have Obama on their side!! It's amazing the forms that blind love can take.

(anybody see the report that vegetable prices are about to sky rocket because of the cold weather in CA, FL and Mexico? Stock up now, fill that freezer with meat, go buy some new tires too...oil is going up this week)

(I found a double barrel shotgun, side by side, 12 GA for 2 bills...still deciding)