Friday, February 11, 2011

32 years, and we still haven't learned anything

To the DAY, 32 years ago, Iranian Military leaders took over the government and promised 'free and Democratic' elections. And they do have periodic elections, but the Mullahs approve ALL the candidates.
In 1979, Jimmy Carter, our second weakest President ever, said little of substance, did less, allowed our Embassy to be over run, allowed American citizens to be held hostage for 444 days and sent our economy into a tail spin, especially over oil prices. Food prices went through the roof, fuel prices did also.
I feel like I'm stuck in a time warp. (but I never jumped to the left, nor stepped to the right, or put my hands on my hips)
I just do NOT see how this could be any different. (Amadmaninajacket even said, "...Egypt, c'mon, join the worldwide Islamic Revolution") We are in a worldwide war against Islamic fanaticism and where did it start!? Iran is where. We've ignored the real problem in the Middle East for too long, and we are about to reap the whirlwind.
I have to be honest, I think Mubarak held out one more day for one reason only. He needed 24 hours to get his (our) money secured in Switzerland and the Caribbean. He needed time to get all his buy / sell orders completed for oil, commodities and whatever he has his fingers in. Even after leaving Egypt, he'll still control part of their economy. Does anyone expect him to suddenly become a big fuzzy teddy bear? While some Egyptians starved and his economy was failing, he amassed (by British intel sources) $70 Billion. Do the math, 70 BILLION divided by 30 years, is a pretty good friggin pay scale where I come from!!
Maybe Leon Pinetta and James Clapper can get some updated intel for tomorrows happenings from Ted Turner and CNN. According to Pinetta, that's where they've been getting it UP 'TIL NOW!!
Personally, I'm headed out for ammo. And Wal-Mart has a 12 gauge on sale. I'm thinking 00 buckshot?


blue said...

ahh who cares, I'm drinking most of a bottle of Jack Daniels with my usual gang of idiots, in the basement of course, Mrs Blue done locked us down here....

Spider said...

Nothing gets the job done like 00-buck Stevie, especially at close range!

BTW, the Swiss reported today that they've frozen all of Mubaraks accounts there.

Lawrence of Fingerpoot said...

Steve, WAIT. Walmart has 000 MAGNUM rloads. Box of 15 for $11.00.

Dey B Bad.

NOW all the Egypshines are out dancing and singing "We win, Our revolutuion is complete".

Not by a site Dune Munkeys,
not by a site.

Wait a year till you're being caned cause your beard is not long enough and wife gets stoned for showing her ears in public.

Not by a Fukin site Dune Munkeys. Da Head Ubangi downtown here in de US jus made sure you all be Hozed.

Egypt gonne be called 'de Land ub de Muslim Bruddahud'.

EH HENT!................ o, and EAT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!