Monday, February 14, 2011


Hide your knives NYC residents. Bloomberg is gonna getcha!
The knife-wielding madman who killed four people during a day-long rampage of stabbings, carjackings and hit-and-runs was nabbed in Times Square moments after he knifed a straphanger.

"They had to die," Maksim Gelman, 23, confessed after being tackled by two transit cops and an off-duty detective about 9 a.m. yesterday, sources said.

His arrest ended a one-man wave of breathless violence that spanned nearly 28 hours and two boroughs, fueled by rage at ex-flame and murder victim Yelena Bulchenko.

Gelman, described as a druggie graffiti vandal, lashed out at innocent bystanders as he cut a bloody swath through the city with six knives - sparking a massive manhunt.

Hide yer sharp stuff. But I've got a question. What would have happened to Mr Gelman IF someone he attacked had a CCH and a pistol when he attacked them?


Spider said...

All this actually happened just a few blocks from me. Unfortunately, i wasn't in the area at the time else i could've saved the city the cost of a trial. Then again in this city, i may have ended up on trial.

The 3 sharp-eyed cops who actually caught him in the subway are now being praised for "not shooting". In fact, in the always-liberal NY Daily News, their question for the day to their equally-liberal readers was, "would the officers still have arrested him (without) firing their weapons if he were not White"? Hey, it is NYC, the other Left Coast.

Schteveo said...

I saw some of that in the Comments Section too. So cops ONLY shoot non-whites up there?

Or, is it like here, 80% of crimes are being committed by NON-whites and they are getting locked up in that like number? Odd how that works, eh?

We had a 19 y/o, mentally unstable, AA, male take hostages in a bank last week here. He finally took one of his hostages outside and threatened her, and the cops shot him.

Now people are wondering if they acted too strongly, too quickly.

He held them for 3 hours before they shot him. And let's ask the hostages if THEY think it was too quick or too much!

BOW said...

I believe that anyone who says that too much force is used is only right when counting how many bullets missed.

BOW said...

It was really close to my mom, where I grew up. My old Hood.

Schteveo said...


the local hold up guy didn't have a gun.

Question, how the hell do you let yourself get 'held hostage', for 3 hours, by a guy with NO GUN!?

So (although I get why they shot the stupid asshole) how threatening could he have been?

Spider said...

You moving back Bill? Best brush up on your Russian if you do.

Actually, officer-involved shootings are down by about 75-80% up here, and about 150% from "my days". One reason might be the fact that all new NYPD officers are sent up to Harlam for four days of "sensitivity training" (see: PC' ization) by Al $harpton's gang before they start working.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Such a stupid ban. I want to own a Leatherman for camping and such. There is no plan to hurt anyone with it.