Tuesday, February 15, 2011

But, would this work of she was WHITE?

Work? Where would she find a lawyer to help or a court to listen?
A former Agriculture Department employee who was shown in an edited video making what appeared to be racist remarks has sued the conservative blogger who posted the video that led to her dismissal.

Shirley Sherrod said Monday that she is "still reeling" from being ousted in a racial firestorm last July. USDA officials asked Sherrod to resign after blogger Andrew Breitbart posted an edited video of comments she had made in a speech earlier in the year.

The clip showed Sherrod, who is black, telling a local NAACP group that she was initially reluctant to help a white farmer save his farm more than two decades ago, long before she worked for USDA. Missing from the clip was the rest of the speech, which was meant as a lesson in racial healing. Sherrod told the crowd she eventually realized her mistake and helped the farmer save his farm.

Now, I re-ask my heading question. Do ex-white racists get a pass? As I recall Trent Lott took an ass beating for stating the obvious, that things WOULD have been different if Strom Thurmond had been elected President. Thurmond outlived his racist roots of Dixiecrat / KKK activity. Lott stepped down for making the statement.
Now I'll answer my own question. If you get caught uttering racist shit, live with it. And if it goes badly for the goose for uttering racist shit, just remember the Republican gander named Lott.
UPDATE / Addition: I guess what really frosts my ass over this, is that I'm currently reading 'A Patriots Guide to American History". The entire idea of DEMOCRATS being FOR or SUPPORTING anyone who is Negro, Black, Colored, Africa-American, is laughable at best. Here's proof, Sherrod (a black person) was fired by her boss, Obama (a black Democrat person) because he THOUGHT he might get some truth on him!


Anonymous said...

Let's see the outcome.

Schteveo said...

I think you'll see Breitbart's lawyer take a settlement. It's the NEW American way. Superman is dead, so screw truth and justice.

Spider said...

The problem with people who come under this type of attack is, they don't fight back! Most racial allegations are based on political correctness, and as such, should be subject to a strong counter-attack. Not a settlement. Not an apology. This whole case was started by this woman's racist remark to a White farmer. The media simply pushed that "fact" aside and changed the story.

If you don't have the balls to stand up and defend what you've said, then keep your mouth shut!